Sandisk Cruzer Contour USB Key

Costco had a sale on recently for the Sandisk Cruzer Contour USB key, and upon reading some good reviews, I picked up two 8GB sticks for about $25 each. The following image is really all you need to know.

Sandisk Cruzer Contour transfer speed

The drive is very speedy, especially on reads, achieving 25MB/s and 20MB/s in reads and writes, respectively, with large files. That’s very impressive for a drive at these prices. Plus, it feels very sturdy, with a durable, metal shell, and an interesting sliding mechanism. You push and pull the entire top part (black portion) of the key to extend the USB connector.

Sandisk Cruzer Contour

All in all, a very good buy! Should be on until June 20 at your neighborhood Costco (Canada).


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