Running Out Of Titles

Today was almost an interesting day. It started off with me saving two people, well, they both left stuff on the bus, which I retrieved and returned to their rightful owner. One was just a pair of gloves, the other was a much more important purse. 😛 At least they were appreciative.

It rained a lot today. I’m talking nonstop from when I left for the bus stop in the morning and hadn’t stopped when I came back home. At least it’s warm enough to rain I guess. It’s going to be much the same for the next two days: warm and rainy. I’m not a big fan of rain to be honest. It makes me feel depressed. I’d much rather it be a bit colder but sunny. Soon, soon.

Oh, that post I made yesterday about tuition costs increasing this fall? That’s not even the end of the story. So not only will tuition rise on average 5% next year, they’re predicting about 4% rises for each of the three years after that. That comes out to a 18% or thereabouts compounded tuition increase by year 4. That’s just awful. There were protests and stuff. Ontario students already pay about 44% of the post-secondary education costs, compared to around 30% for students in other provinces.

I did a bit of shopping today after work and saw some soldiers in full getup as well as some Amish people. That was my first contact with Amish people in real life. They’re over-hyped. Nothing fancy. I thought they shunned all modern world amenities? Apparently not, since they were eating like Harvey’s in a shopping mall…

Oh, if you didn’t know, I’ve made another new theme, WaterlooWP and as the name would suggest, it’s based off the University of Waterloo theme. I actually took their common look idea and extended it to a WordPress template. That was pretty fun and only took one night’s work. My next project’s going to be much more ambitious, hopefully not too ambitious…



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