Royal Woodbine

So the main feature of today was a round of golf at the Royal Woodbine golf club today with some fellow Bell Mobility colleagues. The first thing I noticed was a Countryview green pass still hanging on my golf bag, from 2002. So it had been quite a long time and in a totally different province that I had last golfed. Additionally, I had only golfed 9 hole courses before. This would be my first 18 hole course.

The day started off with breakfast and an introduction to some of the department members who I hadn’t already met in my initial walk-about with my supervisor when I first started. I had a pretty damn heavy breakfast. Well, it was a buffet breakfast so naturally, I had to pig out a bit. Even though we were at a golf course, work never really left us. One of the main topics of discussion was various wireless technology subjects. As well, there was some yammering about PEI, which I may or may not have started. That was interesting. Seems like people’s views here don’t really change of PEI as they grow older. It’s still potatoes, Anne of Green Gables and the Confederation Bridge.

After breakfast was finished, we proceeded out to the golf course, where our rows and rows of golf carts were waiting. I had never driven a golf cart before. I think when I last played golf on PEI, we were still too young to rent golf carts. In any case, I was pretty excited to drive one. Tee off, first hole. Completely awful drive, which would stick with me the rest of the course. This course was pretty damn tough. There was water EVERYWHERE. I don’t think I’ve seen so much water since standing on a PEI beach. There were creeks running all over the place. Holes would have not just have one creek passing through it. The hole would be built on the bend of a creek so you had to hit the ball between two water obstacles (or whatever they’re called in golf). Luckily we were playing best ball, so once someone else drove the ball out a decent distance, I could get a chance to wack at it with an iron. Luckily, I was much better with the irons.

The course took us a solid 5 hours or so to finish. In our group of 4, two of us had played almost no golf (myself included) and the other two weren’t exactly regular golfers either. So we were a bit slow, and the marshal definitely made it clear we were going too slow. I also lost 6 golf balls over the course of the 18 holes. So overall, a pretty bad round of golf and definitely somewhat embarrassing, although in my defense, I haven’t hit a golf ball in what, 4 years and it was my first 18 hole, and a pretty difficult one at that. I will definitely have to put golf on my to do list in the future though. As my supervisor was giving me a drive back home, we were talking about golf and its position in the business world; how it’s viewed stereotypically as the business thing to do.

After the painful course, we all gathered again to eat a late lunch/early dinner. Again we chatted about different things wireless. It’s actually really interesting for me to talk about these kinds of things with people who know so much more about it than me. You can ask questions and get answers that are much better and easier to find that if you were to search it up in Google for example. And it’s always fun to argue about different handsets and why the ones the other guy likes sucks. πŸ˜›

That’s about it for today. I’m currently impatiently waiting for the season 3 premiere of House to download, but it’s going at a painfully slow speed right now. I can’t wait to see what happens. πŸ˜€


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  1. Sounds like you had fun…I am in the same boat as you though. I can’t play golf at all. It probably has something to do with all those pesticides they put on the courses around here affecting my brain anyway…SLightly ironic, no?

    Did you know that enlarged tonsils increase a child’s chance of developing ADHD and other such disorders?

    So…Why is my RAM suddenly underclocked to 333 MHz?

  2. So random Will. 😐

    Why if your RAM underclocked? It’s actually not since I overclocked your CPU, thus your FSB. I had to put in a DRAM divider so your RAM doesn’t spontaneously combust.

  3. Hahaha πŸ™‚ I enjoy randomness…it adds something to even the simplest things.

    So what kind of RAM do I need to buy so my motherboard accepts it?

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