Rogers Service Sucks in General

It runs in the family – poor service that is. Rogers’ online service system is complete balls and I’m sorry to say, their customer service is even worse. Case in point, my recent contact with them regarding a equipment return left me wanting to scream. And I normally don’t get too excited.

How It All Started

I had a cable internet modem from Rogers for the study semester in Waterloo. At the end of the semester, I had to return the modem to one of the authorized internet centers. By the time I had finished packing and moving things the last day I was at Waterloo, the service center was closed. Unfortunately, there are no Rogers internet centers where I live permanently. Rogers and Cogeco have some sort of cable deal so Rogers doesn’t compete in this area. Since I found almost no information about how or where I could return this cable modem on the Rogers website, I decided to call customer service.

Going through the automated menu system wasn’t too bad and was eventually forwarded to the accounts department. After telling them of my situation, I needed to be forwarded to the equipment returns department. Expecting the cheesy music that most often accompanies the hold time, I was surprised to be greeted by an automated message that went along the lines of ‘the number you tried to access is not in service‘. Hrmm, it’s one thing to dial a wrong number, but to forward someone to a non-existent line?… Perhaps I should have thought something about kharma or what have you – obviously my luck wasn’t too great. Nevertheless, I called again.

Equipment Returns

Since I knew the department I wanted to go to this time (equipment returns), I said that at the menu and was immediately sent there. Of course, the automated system requires me to say or input my phone number, which seems a little useless in retrospect, as the first thing the customer service agent asks for is my phone number (again). I had to repeat my phone number 4 or 5 times. After each repeat, she would say back an absolutely random string of numbers (and my English is flawless so that wasn’t the problem). I can excuse being off by a number or two, but when the entire string of 10 numbers seems to have been read off a random number generator, I wasn’t sure what to think. She excused herself and indicated that she was ill and therefore couldn’t hear too well. Finally, the agent seemed to get my number and went to check up on my account. At this point, she was able to pull up a big fat zero. She insisted that my account didn’t exist. One last time, I repeated my phone number. Poof. My account exists. Whaddya know?

The entire call was shaping up to be a disaster, but I hadn’t even seen the tip of the iceberg. So I started off by explaining that I was in an area that did not have Rogers internet centers and that I wasn’t able to reach the one in Kitchener/Waterloo in time. I asked her for my options. She put me on hold to go check. After about a minute, she comes back and tells me that I can either ship it or get a friend to return the modem for me. Since I didn’t know of anyone going out to Waterloo anytime soon (at least before the due date for the modem) I asked about shipping it. She starts telling me an address, then stops and says, ‘oh, I’m sorry, you can’t ship the modem’. Okay… so I inquire about the nearest internet service center. If I had to drive an hour to return it, so be it. I didn’t really have any other option at that point.

I gave the lady my postal code and requested she look for a Rogers internet center nearby. Unfortunately, she told me, there are none in your area. No duh, that’s why I called. She insisted that I return it to the one in Kitchener (which is at least an hour and a half’s drive). Then I had a stroke of brilliance. I was going to the Toronto in the following days to take a flight to Montreal. There was definitely Rogers internet in Toronto/Mississauga. I asked for a location in Mississauga. I thought I was getting somewhere. After putting me on hold again, she managed to find a few places, such as Square One. To make sure I would be able to get there during store hours, I asked when they were open.

I Cannot Find Any Locations…

She stuttered a bit, muttered some more and couldn’t find the store details. I asked her if there was actually a Rogers internet center at Square One, at which point she started rhyming off store names. I’m going to switch to conversation mode here as I believe it will be much more effective at portraying my frustration at this point. Some things here will be paraphrased, but you’ll get the gist of it.

Me: So you can’t find the store hours?
Agent: Ummmm, sorry, I can’t seem to find anything for the store.
Me: Is there a Rogers store in Square One?
Agent: I… there are so many stores… *muttering* wireless, HMV, Sony…
Me: Oh, I can return it at the Sony Store? *sounding bewildered*
Agent: Hhhhmppphhhh…. Sony… I’m looking.
Me: Wait, so is there a Rogers internet center there?
Agent: No, no, you cannot return it at the Sony Store.
Me: Alright, so is there a Rogers store there?
Agent: Here, I’ll give you the phone number.
Me: Okay, so this is for the Rogers store in Square One?
Agent: No, it’s the Sony Store phone number.
Me: Uh, why are you giving me the Sony Store number?
Agent: So you can call them and find out if there is a Rogers internet center there.
Me: Why would I call the Sony Store to find that out? I called you to find out where I could return my modem.
Agent: Well, then I am sorry. I cannot find any locations you can return the modem.
Me: I called customer service, specifically the equipment returns department so I expected you to be able to help me. You know what, please let me speak with your supervisor. You obviously aren’t able to help me.

By the end of that conversation, I felt more frustrated and angry than I have in a long time. I don’t freak out the instant a customer service call isn’t going absolutely smoothly. I mean I felt I was being very patient for most of the call. It was only towards the end when I became absolutely shocked by the incompetence of this employee. In fact, there was only a Rogers Wireless store with no internet center in Square One. Good thing I didn’t go there.

Wrap Up

Long story short, I had a terrible customer service experience (once more) with Rogers. I accept that there will always be service calls that don’t go well, but this was a little over the top. At no point did she even offer to hand me off to someone who could better assist me. Then again, she’s probably getting paid by the hour. I spent the first 25 minutes of the call being pleasant and the last two exasperated. What should have taken possibly 5 minutes for any competent employee ended costing me both much more time and brain cells. Strike two Rogers, strike two.


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  1. Mississauga locations? One at Credit View and Eglington, and there’s also another one north of Square One on Hurontario. All Rogers Video stores take them back 🙂

  2. Yeah, I returned it after the supervisor told me the Hurontario and Bristol location I believe.

    I thought it was all Rogers Video stores, but wasn’t sure since the ones in Niagara definitely don’t take them (first hand experience).

  3. oh geeze…looks like I’m going to have fun. I just moved from Ontario to Vancouver and missed handing it in to an internet centre in Ontario by 15 minutes…soooo, I’m currently trying to find out where to return the modem in Vancouver (if it’s even possible).

    After getting turned down by about 3 Rogers Video stores in my area, I called Rogers Customer Service. She gave me a location downtown, so I thought, okay, this is good.

    I called the number and the guy says that they don’t accept modems at all. Great. Back to square one.

  4. Update: My boyfriend’s mother visited us in Vancouver and offered to return the modem for us in Ontario when she went back. She took it in to a Rogers store and they accepted it. I checked my Rogers bill and I’ve been charged $113 for an unreturned modem. Granted, she didn’t take the modem package with my account information, but they got my old phone number that was connected to the account and should have been able to identify it that way…If this was a problem they just should have told her they couldn’t accept it without the other information. But they took the modem anyways and still charged me the fee. I REFUSE to pay it. It’s not like I never tried to return it. I called CSR’s at least 3 different times before the due date and they were all useless. I’m pissed and I wish I didn’t have to deal with this anymore.

    just venting!

  5. You may want to wait a little while and check up on the fee again. I was initially charged for not returning the modem, but it was removed on the next monthly bill.

    Still, a heck of a convoluted process just to return a modem.

  6. The attitude of consumers who seem to think that major corporations give two sh*ts about your modem return is laughable, at best.

    CSRs and anybody else you interact with are being paid
    to talk to you. They really, believe it or not, would
    rather be elsewhere. And they really don’t care, nor are they capable of replicating God given states of emotion on demand.

    Some may try, but the emotional and mental toll of constant dual states of existence turns the CSR into a victim, ultimately. I know. Ive been there.

    Customer service then becomes an illusion, just like it has been for the past two decades. The CSR is there just as a buffer zone between you, the victim, and the corporation which is engaging you in consensual rape.

    Without said buffer zone, you as a human would be unable to interact with the robotic corp.
    Get this: you are JUST ANOTHER CONSUMER. Read twice for emphasis. You are replaceable, and really do not matter in the grand scheme of things.

    The companies you feel are competing for your business, are in reality so intertwined and connected that it really does not matter what brand you are loyal to, or what level of customer service you perceive to be acceptable.

    Basically, the pacifying mechanisms used to dilute the passions and emotions of customers who have been “wronged” by CSRs are almost insulting to us as humans.

    Stop feeling as if you are entitled to some humane treatment from a human representing a robot, who is not even being paid enough to fake God given emotions and other humanoid states. You are just a consumer.

    You really, no disrespect intended, DO NOT MATTER. YOU ARE DISPOSABLE. Anyone who would have you think otherwise is practicing deception of the highest order.

  7. I’ve read the above with great interest and empathy ! I recently cancelled my Rogers services (internet, cable & cell) because I refuse to support companies who treat people like garbage. I have gotten so frustrated with these corporate behemoths that I would rather do without than put up with their abuse.
    I lived in the US for a few years not long ago, and there’s a very healthy amount of competition in the communications market there. It might not be perfect, but the prices were much lower than in Canada, and the service was also much better ! (Same thing goes for auto insurance by the way.)
    Never again Rogers ! Their website sucks and even their commercials are lame and pathetic ! I will try smaller providers like Fido or whatever, but I categorically refuse to go back to these incompetent imbeciles !

  8. just a comment for mark (June 4), dont go to FIDO, they are owned by Rogers. It seems Rogers owns the majority of the market and if u do not want to deal with them, investigate thoroughly who owns the company that u choose. I did that and it was a long hard struggle to find a non-rogers owned company. I eventually went with Bell and have not had any problems at all. Let’s hope Roger’s does not buy them as well.

  9. Thanks Jen, I will definitely avoid Fido if there is any affiliation with Rogers ! My problem is that I bought a Razr V3x last year on eBay. I wanted a GSM phone because after 10 years of owning cell phones, I have now had 5 of them because I move every few years for work. I’m not an eco-freak, but I really am fed up of the throw-away mentality that we are forced to live under, particularly when it comes to electronics. I’m not interested in having all the latest bells & whistles on my phone, and I figure a good quality cell phone should last several years if treated right, so I wanted the ability to just replace the SIM card and keep using it wherever I moved. Unfortunately, this means I would be stuck with Rogers, at least here in Canada, unless I get another non-GSM phone… So for now it looks like I’ll be buying the cheapest phone I can find and signing up for pay-as-you-go with Bell or Telus…
    I hate to say it, but in my opinion, it’s time for the CRTC to allow US providers to compete in Canada. This is the only way we are ever going to get some respect and decent pricing from companies like Rogers who have a stranglehold on the consumer, both in terms of cell phones, but also for cable and internet ! Rogers charges higher cell rates than US companies, and they don’t even provide a 3G network, so we can’t take advantage of the technology available !
    The thing I find most sickening is that Rogers is advertising “unlimited” cell plans for only $100/month… I have a lot of trouble wrapping my head around the concept of paying $1200 a year for phone service ! That’s as much as I pay for motorcycle insurance !! If you add the cost of cable (~$39/month) and internet (~$39/month), you would be giving Rogers over $2000 a year !! That’s a big percentage of your take-home pay, even if you make a decent salary, and Rogers has convinced us that this is “normal”… If you add the cost of a land-line phone, you are now spending closer to $2500 a year on this stuff !
    While I was living in the US I made the switch to cell-only use. I haven’t had a land-line phone for 6 years, and although it can be inconvenient at times, I get a lot of personal satisfaction knowing that I’m not playing into this scam !
    At the end of the day, your personal cell phone is only a convenience, and cable/internet is just entertainment. We are being treated like sheep, bombarded with ads that tell us we can’t live without all this stuff, but it really is only a well orchestrated marketing scam !

  10. Man I agree , I have had to call those people about 12 times in the past three weeks.I have internet and cable that doesn’t work properly, I took my cell phone to get fixed and they gave me a loaner phone that I couldn’t even use because no one could hear me on the other end .I took that back and got a useless phone again.I have to return to the store tomorrow to see what drama is going to unfold.This is unacceptable for a company such as Rogers .

  11. Unfortunately Rogers is so big, and they have no real competition, so there is pretty much nothing that can be done except to make sure you make a point of convincing anyone you know not to deal with them, particularly if they are thinking of becoming first time customers.
    In August I will be going to the university campus here and putting up notices to warn new students moving into town that Rogers has crappy cell signal quality and piss poor customer service. I will be providing contact info for the other main competitors. I have no doubt that the competition is not much better, but it would be nice to see Rogers get a kick in the head for being so pathetic to its customers !

  12. I can understand your frustration. I on the other hand only receive top notch customer service from Rogers.

    It first started 4 or 5 years ago, when I first signed up for their cell phone package. I got my package and was happy. I made a call just before my plan started, assuming at the time that my call would “roll over” when my plan started, I mean, we are in the “new millennium” after all. Anyway, a few days later my phone was cut off. I called in to inquire why and they told me my bill reached far too high for them to continue service. After discussing and finding out the cause, I bluntly said I wasn’t paying, and that there’s no reason their systems shouldn’t recognize that my plan takes into effect, furthermore, I was never told, directed to, or could find any information that stated such a thing would happen. Without having to do too much fighting, they agreed to clear the bill but made sure I was now aware of the policy and not to let it happen again. Which was more than fine for me. I never had a problem paying for the time I did use, but I did have a problem in paying for time that my plan should have covered. That was my first experience of great customer service.

    A few years and some calls later here and there for menial stuff. Always got polite, well spoken people who were knowledgeable of their stuff.

    Recently, I then decided to “upgrade” my old phone. I did, signed a new two year contract at the location. A week or two later, I call into Rogers to inquire about something, and out of the blue, the lady assisting me noticed that I had just renewed my contract and said I was entitled to two months free of local calling…something the in-store rep never even mentioned or looked for. After calling to check out the status of my bill, I walk away with two free months of service, for no apparent reason other than the agent knew her stuff.

    A few weeks after that, I needed to call them again, this time on a real issue. As I said, I signed up to a new two year contract to get a swanky new phone.. I was using a very old Nokia phone. I bought the phone, signed the new contract and I was again happy. For some reason, one pin on the copper connector at the bottom of the phone to charge and hook up to the computer corroded so that it wouldn’t charge/connect to my computer and I sent it in to be repaired. They sent it back a few days later refusing to repair it due to water damage. Whatever I thought, I’m not going to argue, as I’ve seen many horror stories like the original blog post here, so I’ll just buy a new one off of the shelf and switch providers after my plan expires. Mind you, I only thought this, I didn’t even say it to my family.

    I called Rogers to find out if I can pick up any phone off of the shelf and have my plan cover it. The wonderful gentleman I spoke to informed me of the “Lost, stolen or broken” program, to which I was grateful, but the plan would send me a lower version of the phone I bought. As I was already very happy with my phone, I said how much I appreciated him letting me know about such a plan, but since I was very happy with my current phone (that just won’t charge or connect to a computer) I just wanted to buy one off of the shelf. He put me on hold again, then came back on a conference call with a wonderful lady from the “Loyalty” department. Keep in mind that no where during the call I became or was angry, rude, hostile, or anything negative, I just wanted to know if I could just buy any phone off of the shelf and have it work. Anyway, to make a short story long, the lady offered me to send me a NEW phone to replace my “broken” phone and for a cost that was under the cost to either fix my old phone, buy a new phone, or even get the “lower” model of my phone. I made the call Friday night about 9:30 pm, I received my new phone Tuesday morning the following week. That’s fast !

    The only catch was I needed to sign up to a new two year contract… one that started from the time of order. So I lost about 2 months of my “new” two year contract to get the “new” phone.

    Though I’d have to agree that their pricing is a little high, and there are some charges that don’t really make sense (monthly service fee???), I’ve always received top notch service and I can’t, in good conscience, move from Rogers. They went above and beyond for me. I wish everyone had such a pleasant experience with them and I encourage people to be very polite, thoughtful, and understanding of the agents you get on the phone. You start becoming hostile with them, and they won’t be inclined to help as much.

    On the other hand, I have nothing but problems with Bell, their billing, and their customer service. One Bell agent even REFUSED to let me speak to a supervisor. REFUSED!!!!???? I loathe Bell.

  13. No CSRs cares about your shit, I’ve been doing it for 4 years now. Most of the time what the customer gets is purely based on if you are nice or an asshole. If your nice I would do anything I could do to help you, but the assholes get put on hold, hung up on and even if you have a valid claim and I’m going to try to make sure you don’t get what are entitled to. I’ve been working for the same centre for 2 years now, so it’s not like I’m gonna get fired for it. If your gonna call in and bitch about me or something you know nothing about I”m gonna put you on hold and eat my lunch.

    1. I totally agree. If the customer thinks hes king shit, he’s gonna be treated like shit. Don’t act like a total jack ass and think the person on the other end is gonna bend over nicely and take it. They don’t get paid enough to take your crap.

  14. I realize that Rogers, Bell, Telus and other telecommunication companies are in general in the same range of service, but Rogers is the worse of them all. There Web page, online service and CSR they all poorly managed. I realize if they loose a customer they will find another, and lose a customer and find another, until all of us consumers realize with whom we are making busines with. All in all I can wait to do further research and break away from Rogers.

    Please do not e-mail me for any further inquiries and or marketing, I have better things to do then play around with a company that is just thinking of making another profit instead of truly improving there ways of doing business with their customer.

    Still, I am respect everyone, I want to wish Good Luck in this very hard economics times!

  15. That’s too funny. Yeah when you ask for money back from rogers… They like hassle you and make you feel like your retarded. They’re a billion dollar company and they can’t give me back like 30$. That I got charged for, and didn’t even go over. I have to now send a letter to the highest boss of rogers in Ontario and then HE’LL LOOK OVER IT AND REFUND ME!? WHAT THE HELL?

  16. I have to agree with the main reason for this site. I have been chasing down my incorrectly shipped Blackberry Bold (a new replacement which I am willing to pay $400 plus taxes for) for about a week. I need the thing for business and business travel. I have been out of service for 1 week!!!!!! They keep passing the ball from one person to another. I have been on the phone with them for 2 hours now this morning and still getting the run around.

    I am so happy that the government is allowing new entrants to the market. This might make these guys think twice about messing around a good customer like me. A customer who always pays the bill on time, who pays extra for extra use, who didn’t blink at paying for the replacement because I lost the original.

    I have had it with them. I am waiting for Wind Mobile or some other non Bell company to come in and hopefully save us from this unacceptable, disgusting customer service.

  17. When you have to deal with call centers and AI programs and there is no place to go, the solution is numbers. An individual is easily ignored and jerked around. The CRTC has limited impact. Rogers pays more in taxes than any individual. Whose voice is heard by regulators. Competition would seem to offer some alleviation, yeah. Until a few thousands of customers speak with one voice, get used to being screwed by monsters. Telus bungles and does not care, the same goes for Bell and although Rogers technical operations and physical plant are excellent, their systematic “abuse” of customers by the rest of the company is I believe; commonly acknowledged. Their business is essentially making a profit. If Members of Parliament see a problem in terms of votes, they will seriously consider the matter. Sounding off otherwise merely releases some discomfort but does not change much.
    I have dealt with the three big ones, they are all socially incompetent. To use a less than vulgar expression, eh!
    Telus Bell and Rogers understand where the serious dissatisfaction threshold is. It devolves to arithmetic and market cap impact. Cheers.
    I heard that Bell was up for sale. I can appreciate that, which devil is preferred, the one we know could get worse. I hope my spelling and typos are not too bad. What I mean to say should be clear, I hope.

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