Rogers’ Online Service System Sucks

Rogers’ online customer service system sucks royally. It is the epitome of poor service. Perhaps you thought that could only happen over the phone or in person, but Rogers manages to give you that same terrible service through their online system. It’s really atrocious and paints a terrible corporate image when a paying customer has to go through the frustrating process of accessing the online customer service system. Let’s take my example: I’m trying to pay a bill. Let’s take a look at the steps you need to go through and the things that go wrong along the way.

  1. I type in to get to the Rogers website, but instead of being greeted by the red and white webpage, I get a status 500 Internal Server Error. Not a great start. A couple more tries and I finally land at the proper page.
  2. I sign in using the little menu system on the right hand side of the page. Oh dear, I’m back at the Internal Server Error again. Maybe this is Rogers’ way of telling me I shouldn’t pay them?
  3. Probably not eh? I press back and try again. No error this time.
  4. I’m at my online profile and I go to pay my bill through the appropriate link listed there.
  5. Oops. Rogers thinks I need to sign in to see that page. Didn’t I sign in already though? The world wonders.
  6. I try signing again at the dialogue. The system seems to accept my credentials and the page is loading. What’s this now? It returns me back to the login page again, saying my session had timed out. That’s funny; I literally just signed in.
  7. I’d better try that again. No luck. And again. Nope, session’s still somehow timed out. Again and again. No luck.

So in the end I didn’t end up paying the bill. Looks like I’ll have to try again some other time when the server isn’t feeling so fickle. Taking my love login then rejecting it. I mean of all things Rogers should fix, it’s their online billing mechanism. I bet more and more people are paying their bills online and having a semi-functional system for accepting online payments is totally unacceptable. I shouldn’t have to beg the system to take my money.

Anyone else having the same problems?


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  1. Rogers has the worst consumer webpage of LIFE.
    I can’t how many times it’s screwed up on me.
    Not to mention when they changed the look of displaying your online bill, they didn’t have any Mac support so I was in the dark as to why my charges were what they were.
    I pay them through my online banking, it makes everything so much easier.

  2. Ahh the joys of being a telus user! You should have taken your own advice chuck!:D

    On another related note, I was watching the news last night, and saw that the government is making it mandatory that cell phone companies let you take your number and phone to another company if you switch. Giving power back to the cosumer….I like that!

    However it does make me wonder. Why is government worrying itself with things like that. I believe there are some other things they could be busying themselves with. How about the slow and painful death of the human race? Sounds like something they should be worried about,…..cause guess what guys….the earth doesn’t care if you’re the prime minister…you’re gonna die too (or your kids anyway). Apparently they just haven’t gotten the message yet:P

    Have a peaceful day!


  3. I too hate the Rogers site. I just went on it now to check my air time available and when my funds expire (I have pay as you go) and it seems like every time I use their site after a certain time, it doesn’t work properly. I too have gotten that “status 500 Internal Server Error” and it has pisses me off but the one that I hate the most is after I have logged on and go to “Manage My Wireless Services”, I get :

    “Your account is not currently eligible to perform this activity. Please click “Back to Customer Service” to perform another activity.

    Error Code: AM001″

    It only seems to do it later in the evening or night. During the day, I have no problems, well not as many, but still able to check my air time. Besides that, I also have gotten other error messages too. I have to admit, Rogers does have the worst online customer service.

  4. This site always gives me fucking problems. Maybe it’s time for them to get rid of that archaic ASP and move on to .NET or something.

  5. I’ve seen plenty of sites built with ASP that don’t have near the problems Rogers does. I think they just have some serious programming and/or server issues.

  6. I am still having the exact same problems that you describe, it’s 4:00am and I am moving in two hours and want to change my number to the next province over….but nope HTTP 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR.

    It is true that during the day it is fine, but in the evenings and at night it sucks!!

    I hate rogers, but they keep sucking me back in with phone deals…..ARGH!

  7. I tried earlier today to pay a bill and got a blank page a bunch of times when logging in. And when I did finally get logged in and attempted to pay my bill, it still failed. I checked the checkbox, entered my credit card details and submitted my payment. That must’ve timed out or something because in the end, it said I paid $0.00… and I still have the same frigging outstanding balance.

    I’m going to have to check my credit card bill to make sure they’re not going to charge me twice when I pay again.

  8. It’s taken you this long to realize that Superman sucks? The website is a piece of junk and in the 2 years I’ve been with them has never once worked the way it should. It’s slow, constantly times out, logs you out at random intervals and gives more errors than a Microsoft product. Plus when they switched to their new online billing system a little while ago they totally screwed us Mac users over. I had to wait for a full month before they fixed it so that I could see what they were charging me for. Oh, and the whole company is a scam. They came up with random reasons to charge me last month. Grrr.

  9. Oh wait. That should be “It’s taken you this long to realize that Rogers sucks?” I’m watching Superman Returns for the umpteenth time and clearly my mind is there instead of here.

  10. Yeah, I also can’t remember how many times I’ve been hung up on (I presume accidentally) while being transferred between departments when I call Rogers.

    I only deal with it so that I can switch phones at my pleasure.

  11. Yes that’s happing to me right now and I am not going to take it anymore, Rogers online customer service sucks bigtime!!

  12. It’s now December 2007, and the problems remain the same. I’m fed up. I’m cancelling Rogers – both cable and cell. They have the worst website I’ve ever tried to navigate. I can’t log in at all.

  13. Sheila – I completely understand your frustration. I was trying to pay my cell phone bill a couple weeks ago and couldn’t log in for over a week. I ended up using the phone payment system since it was the payment due date and I still couldn’t pay online.

  14. Holly Molly, rogers website really sucks. How many times do I need to sign in and be referred to the same page again.

    Paying my ‘Pay as you go’ bill is always a challenge. They dont have any tough competition and are just breezing through.

  15. Actually, depending on your usage pattern, Petro Can’s (yeah, I know… a gas company) pre-paid service seems very solid. You can take a look at it here, but to summarize, over Roger’s Pay-as-you-Go, it is cheaper for long distance calls, text messaging, and possibly calling rates as well. Oh, and the top-ups last for significantly longer (180 days for all, except for $100, which lasts for 365 days).

  16. Unbelievable! There are other people having problems with Rogers’ website. Thought it was just a personal vendeta against me. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to change my email because of their stupid time out thing, not to mention that they just wouldn’t take my password after accepting it when I changed it.

    In addition to sign on problems I can’t find the simple things I need, like the My 5 list (found it now). Plus I need to explain in crayon what package my mother has but I can’t even get that from them.

    Oh ya, I have trouble accessing the details of my plan; keeps telling me that that account is inaccessible at this time. Very frustrating. Man there are so many problems with Rogers it’s not funny.

    I heard that Sprint and Verison are supposed to be coming to Canada. Anyone know if this is true and when it might be happening?


  17. There will be one piece of wireless spectrum available for a non-incumbent player, but the thought it that it may go to a company like Vidéotron as opposed to a foreign company like AT&T/Verizon.

    Don’t get your hopes up. 😉

    As for the online self-serve, Rogers may have updated their site’s look, but their back-end system seems to be as broken as ever.

  18. I’ve tried everything but bashing my head repeatedly on the keyboard to make the rogers website work. Maybe that’s what they want me to do so I will forget why I came to rogers in the first place?

  19. Rogers online “customer service” is a joke, and a not very funny one. My sole reason for using it is to check my Internet usage. Oh yeah, good luck finding a time when that function is actually working.

    My biggest gripe about the site is, I guess, a rather small one: no matter what Rogers URL I bookmark for signing into my account, I ALWAYS seem to end up back at that useless, animated, red and white “portal” page that wants to know what province I live in.

  20. Is anyone else not able to pay their bills online? I haven’t been able to for the past three months. Every single time I attempt to, it just says Rogers is experiencing some technical difficulties and to call the customer service line. Sort of defeats the purpose of the whole online billing thing.

  21. I’m not surprised to find all these negative comments.
    Every month when I come to pay my Rogers bill I have difficulty finding the page, difficulty logging on. It never seems to be the same. It is frustrating to say the least.
    Come on Rogers get your act together.

  22. Rogers sucks and does not deserve to have the customer base that it does. I will look for a sattelite TV and find a way to avoid or use the least possible amount of service from crappy companies like Rogers and Telus.
    They deserve to die.

  23. The Rogers website is a shame! Period. None of the links functions properly, and the error messages vary fron AM002- AM005- INTERNAL SERVER ERROR ETC.

  24. I agree completely.
    Rogers, without a doubt, has the WORST website.
    I have MY5, and I wanted to change it online instead of calling in and waiting while everything processes on their end.
    First, the web page didn’t load. GREAT.
    Then, I literally could not find MY5 anywhere, and had to google the page instead.
    After, it said I had to log in. I had forgotten my password. So, I put in my e-mail, which did not process. 6 tries later, I finally got the e-mail.
    Then, I attempted to log in. It had “timed out.”
    I can’t believe how slow and frusterating this website is.
    I have found it to be the WORST and SLOWEST website ever.

  25. The rogers website is complete SHIT. Everytime I sign in and click on any link it asks me to sign in again. THEN, you call in and they tell you it’s been “escalated”. Two weeks pass, I try to sign in again and the website processes everything VERY SLOW only to time out in the end..waste of time, completely. I’m surprised the media isn’t involved yet since so many people are complaining about rogers’s poor working website. Face it, nobody want’s to call in and sit on the phone for hours to speak to some useless individual..that’s what the website is for right? THINK AGAIN….

  26. I found this post since I was having the same “timed out” thing happen…

    Anyways, after being on hold for a good 15 minutes, I was told to go to since the website is down right now and there have been website errors (but old bookmarks take you to the old server, and the new website will “work” lol).

    LAME. I just want to pay my bill.

  27. I’m having same problem. Just spoke to a very friendly and helpful operator who told me to go to Of course, this did not work. Website down. Every month I go through this trying to pay my bill. I was told my one operator that I already receive invoices in mail and never subscribed to on-line billing; when in fact, I have never received a bill and have always paid on-line. I have 2 1/2 more years of this b.s.

  28. It truly is sad. I signed up for online billing because it was a nice way to get free detailed billing. Plus, I hate dealing with paper bills – my life is spent on-line – so I thought it would be a perfect match. Of course, in the process, we’re all saving Rogers money as well.

    But it’s been a complete disaster. Half the time I can’t even see my bill summary, much less the detailed billing. For the past 4 months, I haven’t been able to pay my bill online. I have to call into the automated bill payment system. Sure, at least I don’t have to wait in queue to talk to someone, but what’s the point of the online system is it doesn’t work? It looks awfully poor on Rogers’ part.

    For people who are facing the same problems as I am (and from the above comments, it’s a lot of you), I recently started up a Canada Post ePost bill payment account. I’m hoping that’ll work better than Rogers’ system, and from others who are using it, it sounds like it does indeed work.

    Just a heads up to anyone who was looking for an alternative.

  29. Yup – same problems here.

    The webpage that you describe – the one that says that you failed your login and you need to log in again or that your login expired is just broken – it works in IE but doesn’t in every other browser. I’m also getting the weird “Error Code: AM001” error in the evenings.

    I think it’s pretty clear that the quality of the programming team that Rogers got to do their customer-facing (customer-facing!) web site is pretty low. The IE-only page would imply they hired a bunch of dumb Microsoft hacks – the type who don’t know how to program anything that wasn’t made by MS. Someone needs to be disciplined. I don’t think I’d ever go back to Telus (I don’t do CDMA anymore) but Telus never had any problems taking my money. Their programmers just seemed to be on the ball in a way that Rogers’ programmers aren’t.

  30. “Note: Due to system maintenance your wireless account is currently unavailable for online self-service. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please try again later. ”

    What’s really funny is that having such a bad self-serve website costs Rogers money. It means more people are going to have to phone in and talk to their expensive CSR people. Having a good website is one of those things that a company is supposed to do to save themselves money AND make their customers happier.

  31. OH boy I thought maybe I was the only one having this problem. Well I would need a space 3 times this big to explain everything I’ve gone through. Lets just say I’ve lost 3 hours of time for something that could have been fixed in 1 minute.I just agreed to a new contract last night but the minute that new phone arrives it’s going back. I know BELL is no better or the others but I have personally had it with ROGERS. SEE YA TED

  32. Nowadays there are high school kids who can do a better job at this kind of online scripting than Rogers does. To be honest I’d feel much better about doing business with them if I could.

  33. I am on the pay as you go system. In the past I have had no problems checking on my account balance etc. This time I was rejected as I had given the incorrect password. This is the same password that I have had for two years. After speaking to three people I was finally told that the system had changed and I now had to enter via It took twenty minutes and three different people to get this information. The final blow was that I was charged 25 cents for this call.

  34. worse site ever, at the moment im trying to login and pay some bills and god damn getting boot or error this has been going on for long time now. all that money they make and they cant make a decent website.

  35. For those of you having problems with paying your bills online (like myself), you may want to take a look at a possible fix. It’ll only affect people with old, deactivated accounts. Apparently, they are causing some problems with the online billing system.

  36. Iwas having trouble with the old website. Time expired bla bla. So I was sent to the new website. I am not getting on

    Went back to the old website. Did get logged on. Then when I hit the manage my accounts It goes back to the good old time expired.

    If they phone, should I tell them their time with me has expired?

  37. Just another vote of agreement: The Rogers site is surprising in how lousy it functions. I’ve worked directly in Website planning for 12 years, and even back in the mid-late ’90s sites were more usable than this. My favorite today is a simple one, but amusing: clicked on a FAQ link while registered as a BC customer (because I couldn’t find the Check Out link) and it took me to the French language FAQ.

    I worked for Cantel in the early ’90s and they were pioneers of the wireless business: I’m stunned they can’t cope with Web technology.

  38. Rogers site is simply insane, I can’t imagine with all these $$$$ it rips off me ($400+ per month!!!), it can’t develop a custoemr sign-in function properly. every fvcking link I click it takes me back to the sign-in page…this is so incompetent!!!

    I wonder what kind of embecilles are leading Rogers’s web business. I can guarantee you that their business will fold the next day a serious competitor start to compete in Onatrio market.

    Down with monopolies and fvck the IT morons!

  39. We are having exactly the same kinds of problems that everyone else is having in trying to use the Rogers site to pay our cell phone bill. And this has been happening now for three months. How utterly
    ridiculous !! And to think that Rogers is in the “Communications” business !!!!!!!!!! What a strange irony !!!!! We can’t wait until our cell phone plan contract reaches its expiry date. Then we will happily and thankfully be able to change to another and better carrier.

  40. Yeah, about 5 months ago I cancelled all my Rogers services (internet, cable & cell) because of their piss poor customer support and terrible cell quality. When I signed on with them I had a brand new 3G Motorola Razr V3x (not even available in Canada). The voice quality was so bad that I had to repeat every 5th or 6th word… I called their customer support number and even the rep was asking me to repeat things. I told them I was in downtown Ottawa and the crappy signal was because of their system. They said they would be upgrading their network to 3G in the fall of that year, but things didn’t get better.
    During my time with them, I sent 3 very long and detailed complaints about their crappy website. I’m not a web specialist, but I work in the field of human-system interaction, and so I’ve seen my share of bad design… Anyway, they did not reply to the first 2 e-mail, and the 3rd they basically said “thanks for the info” and nothing was changed.
    Anyway, a few weeks ago I decided to reactivate my cell phone, but only on a pay-as-you-go basis since I don’t plan on using the phone very much. I went to the Rogers store which is just a few blocks away and they told me I needed a new SIM card. I thought this was a ripoff because I already had a Rogers SIM card and wanted to keep the same number. Anyway, I had to buy a new SIM card for $50, and then they told me it would cost $20 for them to activate it, or I could do it myself online !!!! What a complete load of crap ! I decided to do it myself through their online webpage. Since I wanted to re-use my old number, I entered it into the field and it did a search and told me my number was available. So I filled out the rest of the form and registered. A few minutes later I received an e-mail message telling me it could take up to a week for the number to be activated, so I figured that was not a big deal.
    I waited 7 days, then, since there was a weekend plus a holiday Monday in there, I waited 3 more days to give them a total of 7 working days (10 calendar days). The following Saturday (13 calendar days after registering) I went back to the Rogers store to find out what the holdup was. I explained to the Rogers rep what was going on, and she told me that it took 6 months for a previously used number to become available again, so I still had to wait another few weeks for my old number to be available…. I told her that it was a Rogers number in the first place, and secondly, why did the website tell me it was available ?!! She told me to call customer service. So I called from the phone in the store and guess what… they aren’t open on weekends !!
    So I said “thanks for nothing” and came back home. I went to my e-mail and replied to the original confirmation e-mail that I received from Rogers on the 17th and told them that if I hadn’t heard back from them on this situation by close of business on the coming Monday (15 calendar days since registering), I would return the SIM card and find a provider that took their customers seriously. On that Monday I also tried to call their customer support line at lunch, but hung up after waiting about 15 minutes.
    Today, I headed back to the Rogers store to get a refund on my SIM card. The rep I talked to told me these were not refundable. I told him that I didn’t care about their policies, I was not satisfied with their lack of customer service and wanted my money back. He said I had not contacted customer support to sort out the problem ! I told him I tried on 2 occasions, the first they were closed, and the second they didn’t answer in a reasonable time. I also told him that I had registered my SIM card and gotten a reply that my phone would be activated within a week, so it wasn’t up to me to contact them, it should be up to them to contact me if there’s a problem !!!
    He was completely unwilling to help or do anything at all, so I left. I would think that as a Rogers rep, he would pick up the phone and call customer service and sort it out, but no, not even the slightest effort to help a customer that he might have been able to keep with Rogers if he had tried…
    Now to finish my rant, I want to add that I’m a very patient person, and I believe I gave them ample time to reply to me via e-mail as they said they would in their original confirmation e-mail. I work in the government, so I have learned to be patient with people and the problems of bureaucracy, but frankly, Rogers is worse than the Public Service ! What kind of a company could possibly survive with customer service like that ?! One that has a veritable monopoly on the communications market in Canada !

  41. I concur… is the worst website I have ever used. The performance is absolutely horrible. If it wasn’t for their GSM network… I’d cancel my contract simply based off my online experience.

  42. Yes, Yes, Yes, the absolute worst website I have used as well. Just one waste of time after another… annoying, frustrating, the pits…

  43. Here’s what I find incomprehensible; Rogers is simply not interested in improving their service ! Here are some examples. While I was a subscriber (cell, cable & internet) I tried to use their website but kept running into all sorts of problems. After logging in and making my way through a few pages while trying to get to my billing, I was asked to log in again for no apparent reason. Then not being able to get the information I wanted, etc, etc. I wrote 3 very detailed e-mails to the website address and they only replied to the 3rd message, by which point I told them I was canceling my service anyway because they were not responsive. Most recently I tried to get pay-as-you-go service and ran into a horrendous hassle because I wanted to use the cell number I previously had with Rogers. The online activation page told me that the number I wanted was available and that I would be contacted by e-mail once the phone was activated, in no more than 1 week. After 13 days I went to the store to find out why nothing had been done… In other words, I was told by their search engine that the cell number I wanted was available, and that I would have an activated phone within a week, but nothing happened ! On 2 occasions (once while at the Rogers store and again while talking to their support rep on the phone) I asked them to report this problem to the appropriate folks within the company. In both instances they told me I had to go to the website and report my problem to the appropriate department myself.
    Well FUCK YOU Rogers ! I was dealing with your company reps and telling them the problem, but they flat out REFUSED to register my complaint and take care of it. They expect me, A PAYING CUSTOMER to do the work for them, rather than treating me with respect and taking care of a problem I just brought to their attention.
    So, once again, I say FUCK YOU Rogers ! You are too ignorant to take your customers seriously ! You are too content with your monopoly to give a damn about our problems, so you will never have my business again, and you can count on the fact that I will make sure I get as many people as possible to switch from your service to another !

  44. Yeah, Roger’s website is pretty bad. It’s like running on ancient hardware. They are trying to make it the default for everyone. I was enrolled into the online billing but unsubscribed after two months because the service is terrible. I get calls on a regular basis about getting a free month of something if I switch, and my answer is I will when your website works.

  45. I currently have online billing but am going to be changing that soon, as its a JOKE to try to access it. Repeated requests to re-login, timeout errors, “not available” errors, being redirected to the WRONG part of the website than what you had clicked on, the list goes on and on. It is by far, the worst, and *slowest* website I have ever encountered! They have a section to change your pricing plan, but when you select that, all you get is blacked-out boxes so you really CAN’T….but I guess they use that so they can say they “offer” it – even if its not a viable option that people can actually USE. In this day and age, there’s no excuse for them to have such a shoddy website. It really reflects poorly on them as a company.

  46. The site’s become marginally better. At least I’m able to pay my bills after at most a couple tries. (I know, that should be a terrible standard for any e-commerce site, but it’s an improvement over what was there before.) On the other hand I’m still unable make changes to my wireless services in the self-serve app.

    I’ve written to the webmaster and I’ve even spoken to the web department on the phone, but it doesn’t seem like they have much more than a canned response to the latter issue.

  47. The Rogers is by far the worst! The pop up window comes in and they ask if they can help you. You ask your question and they don’t work in that department, or they tell you to phone. Then you try and do it yourself online, and the site never loads. “Unable to perform that option at this time.” Rogers actual service is good, their online service is just donkey.

  48. Guess what? Rogers online billing DOWN again! Now I am getting the dreaded “page not found” error as I try to view my bill. And as stated by a million others, there’s been NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS with Rogers website from the time they developed the damn thing. Every few weeks or so, I am faced with some error on the site and am unable to access a particular area. Its a joke. Its as bad as actually dealing with any of Rogers Customer Service Reps. See, I try to do as much as I can online to AVOID talkin to those jackasses on the phone – but if the damn site ain’t workin half the time, then I end up on the phone with em. And spend 20 minutes on hold, then transferred here, transferred there, having to repeat my name, DOB, phone number, height, weight, shoe size and so on. And after an hour on the phone, I usually consider suicide, but can never decide how I want to off myself.

    Plus, I don’t wanna upset my Mom. So for now, I will stay alive and just hope and pray Rogers don’t push me over the precipice into the abyss of darkness.


  49. ARE YOU GUYS KIDDING ME!?!? ROGERS IS AWESOME!!! ITs ABSOLUTELY AMAZING…… really… not its not, just thought it be funny to add the odd comment. And ya web site not working… ERROR AM002. so ive been reading all these comments while ON HOLD FOR 40 min cuz now i have to call in. horrible.

  50. I’m shocked that whomever works in their website division has managed to stay employed. The internet isn’t some sort of cutting edge technology that companies have a hard time implementing. I personally own a small business (15 employees) and if my website was even a fraction as bad as this one, I’d shut it down and find someone who could do it better. How in the world can Rogers NOT figure out how to have a website that works at least most of the time?!?! It’s almost impossible to believe any company in this decade doesn’t have a functioning website.

  51. All I want to do is look at my wireless info online. But of course I can;t…..again. Instead i get to look at this…..again.

    My Wireless Services
    Your account is not currently eligible to perform this activity. Please click “Back to Customer Service” to perform another activity.

    Error Code: AM001

  52. Count me in with the truly horrible website service again.

    Constantly faced with INTERNAL SERVER ERROR and Your account is not eligible to perform this activity, please Contact CS. Contacting CS they tell me I can do it online. When I say NO I CANNOT they explain, you must be accessing the wrong features!

    Yep, never is Roger’s fault is it! Damn sick and tired of Rogers, would gladly switch to the competition (hell, ANY COMPANY would be better) if it wasn’t for the condo not allowing satellites!

  53. Everything that has to do with Rogers is simply awful.

    I can’t believe that an ISP cannot get its own website to work. Nothing that I need ever works. Well, 1 in 20 times it might actually work, no kidding.

    I honestly almost went with Aliant after not being able to register on, but Aliant pricing is just way off.

    Whoever is working on should be fired right now. I’m coping with this any way I can but I will never recommend this company to anybody else. Stay away if you can for as long as you can!

    If you feel like causing yourself a lot of headache, try using!

  54. Dec 2008,

    I haven’t read ALL the posts here about Rogers’ dysfunctional website, but there’s obviously a consensus – and I agree.

    I also read that this has been an issue for two years or more. And, of course, they’re also an ISP. That’s like a CPA not being able to do his own tax.

    I’m new to Rogers and, in fact, still evaluating their service. (I can return the phone within 30 days as long as there’s less than 30 minutes use on it).

    Of course, there are other issues to consider before I decide wether I commit to them or not, but so far, they’ve lost brownie points on the website front.

  55. I can’t believe that since the writing of this blog, the rogers website still sucks as much as ever.

    Why is it so hard to tell me my current balance… ever? doesnt matter what time of day ‘this function currently not available’


  56. One of the comments here is, “Everything that has to do with Rogers is simply awful.” After being a Rogers customer for a number of years I COMPLETELY AGREE. Their service is terrible, their telephone service is terrible (the automated voice recognition system cannot understand clearly spoken numbers), their live customer service is terrible, and their morals, though nonexistent to them, to their customers, are in the gutter. They are as sleazy as Citi Mazda.

  57. Year 2009. Rogers website still shows 500 internal error. Usability sucks. Didn’t get a chance to pay my bill online.

  58. I had always hated Rogers from word of mouth, but i wanted an iPhone…their in store support is ridiculously bad, they will down right LIE to you to keep you on high priced plans.

    Their website is worse. It is 2009. Rogers is an Internet service provider…they are one of the largest companies in Canada and their website only works occasionally, and when it does, it is slower than molasses in winter. Of course I signed a 3 years contract with them, so as technology goes, I have a life sentence with them. Oh and you want to manage your services? Sorry, you can only do that from certain, seemingly random parts of their website, meaning 4 or 5 pages to get to where the link actually is which pretty much guarantees that you will give up before ever getting there…that is one way t keep people on more expensive plans than they need. If this was 1995 and we were all on dial up internet, I could see it, but this in inexcusable…to paying customers even…crazy.

  59. i can’t agree least. !!!! u try preventing u from making payment and changing plan, it s a strategy i m hoping someone in the government will stand up and elimate this monopoly !!!

  60. For a an information technology company, Rogers website fucking sucks(excuse my language). What kind of bullshit is that? It always gives me errors, while I am trying to pay my bills online. They should be ashamed of themselves. What kind of impression are they presenting, when they cannot even manage a user friendly website.

  61. Gee, this post was done March 2007 its now Aug 2009… Things have not changed. Rogers site still does not work well. The site looks like a dogs breakfast….. Everything Everywhere …. The site looks like a mish mash of technology from old ASP (pre .NET) to java server pages….. Its amazing the site still runs. There must be a million security patches they have missed on the site…. Imaging all the Personal Information that can be hacked off the site just because they can’t patch the server…(NT4!!) so far out of support its no longer funny. I guess a company the size of rogers has better things to do then keep their customer facing websites running. Gee too bad no one at rogers gives a damn about the site or they might find this post on the web and actually assign some Developers to fix up their site…. oh…. maybe they done that already…. They may have hired an enterprisy kind of Consulting company that only knows how to build using 10 year old development tools …. And this same company bills at 2k per day to support the site….(You know who i’m talking about…)

    Sigh …. I guess I will attempt to sign back in to and see how many 500 errors i get…. or see how many times I have to re-login again….and Again…… and Again…… and Again……

  62. As long as you do not log in you are fine. As soon as you log in I am sure there will be a link in there which won’t work for me. Today it might work tomo it will not. I complained so many times to rogers regarding thier site but they told me that I need IE blah blah blah. It’s always the same response. Why is it that they want us to sign up for online billing and they want us to pay our account online or if we have any questions they want us to navigate the site first but they do not try to fix that site??? Now a new feature on the site which is supposed to let us keep track of our minutes/txt msgs but it never works when I want it to.

    Rogers Website Sucks.

  63. OMFG, I cannot find the button to track my internet usage. I tried to follow the instructions, and have successfully checked my internet usage every couple weeks for the past while. Today however, after signing in I was redirected to another page…now matter what fucking link i clicked i could never get to the usage page…FUCK! That site is just one big advertisement…for such a big company…i mean come on…wheres your goddamn service?

  64. no i haven’t had the pleasure of paying through the website i have it set up through my online banking and haven’t had any problems as of yet ………Ive been with rogers for 4 years but im looking maybe to move on to another wireless carrier but not Bell….

  65. one more comment here about my bill,my PLAN and what i have ..50/1000 eve/weekend plan 25 bucks, my 5 canada wide 15 bucks, communication value pack22 bucks ,911 service 50 cents and last but not least system access fee 6.95 bucks ….grand total before taxes 69.60 its the little add ons where they nail your hide cause each add on is taxed individually so makes them more money .

    so after all that said and done i use my phone for texting lol and i ONLY call the people on MY5 plan cause if i called anyone else i would be charged SOMEHOW its happened to me before and they couldn’t explain why!!

  66. Yeah, I wonder if we should start a facebook group. Does anyone know if there is any legality they are breaking, because I believe you need to provide the means for customers to pay you. I’ve never actually been able to track my data usage on my phone, I’ve called customer support and they laugh as if its some kind of joke quote unquote “yeah, we know.” Not only that but once I ordered a new phone waited a month without it coming, called them back, and they stated “we never got that order.” So I was like “that’s fine, people make mistakes, but I’d rather not be paying for a service I’m not able to use from a fault of yours.” They told me I would have to pay for the month of service I never used, and that if I felt that bad about it I could break my contract for 300 bucks. Yay, what great service. Now I have to dedicate a week to trying to pay them for their horrible service. Not only that but when I switched my plan they tried billing me for my new and old plan for the same month. Next time I’m able to log in I’ll send this link into “your feedback in action.” I can’t wait till wind comes along.

  67. is an absolute nightmare to visit. The website is seriously flawed. I dread going there. It never works. Its an absolute joke.. I hate Rogers for this reason. I seriously hate them…haha. I can’t express how much I hate the cell phone provider I suscribe to. Look out Telus…..once my three years is over , I’m coming over. When it comes to cell service, Canada must be at the bottom of the world.

  68. Ever tried to update your credit card info online It is always says ‘experiencing technical problems’ after you click submit — don’t know where the info goes. — Only know my card was compromised.

  69. Funny how this is all still true 4 years later. Still takes me 5-10 tries EVERY SINGLE MONTH to pay my bill. When, after untold millennia, the stars are right and the great old ones rise from their dark and terrible slumber to bring destruction to all beyond man’s dim comprehension, only then is not under “systems maintenance”.

  70. My Rogers is currently unavailable for regular systems maintenance. Please try again after 6am.

    ((((((( Rogers totally Sucks ))))))

  71. i totally loath this pathetic, paranoid co.
    They are so bankrupt its funny, and they screw with their customers on-line.
    They wreck the netflix experience , get a hint rogers, u suck or id be watching u online instead of you geeks stalking me online
    I cant wait to ditch them.

  72. Year 2012 and still the same problem. “We are currently experiencing problems accessing your account and therefore cannot complete your request at this time. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please try again later.”. Every time that I want to check my billing history they seem to have problems. What a brutal portal. Anyone switched to a better pay as you go service?

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