That’s the tagline for Apple’s new iPad, announced earlier today, and while it, of course, refers to the higher resolution display (2048×1536), one tidbit tucked in the spec sheet is perhaps more shocking: a 42.5Whr battery.

Now a 42.5Whr battery in itself is nothing to get excited over, but in this form factor, it’s a huge advancement over the typical ~25WHr. It’s not a marginal increase. It’s a 70% increase. Almost double. Apple has clearly invested heavily into the battery to have fit it into the 9.4mm thick casing. It also shows that there is no magic in physics. The higher resolution display, higher horsepower graphics, and LTE connectivity draw a heck of a lot more power, close to 70% more than iPad 2 + 3G, if the advertised battery life is accurate.

I also wonder if the new iPad will compress margins somewhat. The 2048×1536 display is a difficult manufacturing challenge, with yields almost certainly nowhere close to the 1024×768 used previously. Additionally, the battery should cost quite a bit more.

That battery size still gets me. The 11.6″ MBA has a 35Whr battery, while the 13.3″ version has a 50Whr battery. Just imagine what the next generation laptops could be outfitted with.


2 Replies to “Resolutionary?”

  1. YES! Finally some investment in battery tech – by far the most underdeveloped area in mobile computing. When you’re talking about margins I assume you mean of the profit variety and not of the screen side variety – I somehow doubt that Apple is eating any of its 400% margin, they seem to be awfully good at making i[insert product name] into fistfuls of cash.

    1. Yeah, I’m referring to profit margins. It’s awe-inspiring the margins they make on their hardware, and while I have no doubt they make a huge one on the higher resolution iPad, I wonder how much lower it is. These components are cutting edge, they’re not cheap.

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