Which is a great word to describe the University of Waterloo engineering program. It doesn’t stop. It doesn’t slow down to let you catch up. There’s no break from the 4 or so assignments each week, the regular quizzes and big lab reports. It’s 8:30 am to 4:20 pm every weekday, except for Friday, which is sort of nice. I’ve already found myself a slight behind on my classes. I just haven’t used my brain in this sort of way in far too long. That’s perhaps one thing I’m not too keen on about the co-op program that UWaterloo has. Since it’s an alternating 4 month schedule, the stuff you learn in one semester, especially the more abstract concepts like calculus won’t get applied on the job. (not at our level anyways) So the result is a general inability to do math. I’ve been finding stuff like Physics and Calculus a bit of a rough time while things like our circuits course much easier. Management Science is also looking to be quite simple. Plus, I love that stuff so it’s not big deal.

There’s one thing this semester that really makes me question myself. I got into this computer engineering program because I love computers and I want to work with them. The problem this semester is that there’s actually not a single course that we have to use a computer for, such as programming. Sure a computer’s useful to write up reports and so forth, but it’s not something computer engineering specific. I’m not learning anything new about the computer, yet. Sometimes it’s not difficult to lose track of what you’re doing. I mean I take my equivalent of 6 courses, most of which are mathematics based, and I forget what I’m doing or why. Every once in a while I still need to remind myself that this is all to build a solid foundation on top of which I can add my computing skills. Still, it’s hard slogging through seemingly pointless calculus formulas just about every day.

Anyways, I haven’t slept enough over the past couple days so I’m cutting today off short. It’s not like I didn’t work hard today though. I had a 3 hour electrical lab in the morning, a one hour break for lunch that was cut short by an info session. Then the afternoon consisted of physics and discrete mathematics lectures and a 2 hour electrical tutorial. After that, there was a half hour break for dinner and then I went to an extra physics session (it definitely helped a lot by clearing out some of the cobwebs). After a bit more than an hour, I headed back and was lassoed into another Ultimate Frisbee game. Afterwards, I had to do my discrete mathematics assignment, which is due tomorrow. Now I feel tired from the long day, lack of sleep and sore from the frisbee. It’s House time and then sleep for me.


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  1. It’s a ‘medical’ show about a diagnostician and several other doctors who try to figure out these weird sicknesses. But the reason it’s so good is because of the acting. The main character (Dr. House) is absolutely awesome. Too much sarcasm and bitterness to put into words. This summer, you’ll have to watch many an episode when I visit.

  2. I have to agree with Rene here…House is definitely not one of Hugh Laurie’s best pieces of work. He should have stuck to comedy and that American accent of his is atrocious…they should have allowed Dr. House keep his English accent, rather than having him pretend to be American.

  3. Pffffft… You guys don’t know what you’re talking about. 😛 I’m just going to go back to watching it. I do agree that Hugh should have just let him use the British accent. I mean Chase already has his Aussie one…

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