As you may have noticed by now, nfiniti plus one has undergone quite a drastic change and redesign. If you read some of the recent posts, you’ll know that I wanted to get away from Joomla. I had been hoping to move over to Drupal as my CMS of choice. I had heard great things about it. Unfortunately, testing didn’t result in any great results; I quickly realized that I would need quite a bit of time to learn the new system and customize it to my requirements. Since I wanted to breathe some new life into the site relatively quickly, I decided to move everything, including this home page area over to WordPress and design a theme I could use throughout the site.

I’ve been heavily influenced by a few designs, specifically the Hemingway theme as well as the designs of Broken Kode and Binary Bonsai. The main thing I liked about those designs was that they didn’t follow the generic WordPress theme design. I borrowed heavily from Hemingway, since the source code was readily available to me. The result is what I’m calling ‘Hemmed’, clearly a play on the theme that inspired it all. I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to release this theme for public consumption yet. To be honest, it’s a pretty hacky template. Even if I do release it, I’ll have to do a lot of cleaning up in the background.

The main goal of this home page is to give it a ‘fresher’ feel. My last homepage was an ill-maintained mess. The three feeds at the bottom are each pulling a snippet of the latest entry in each of the three blogs I maintain on a regular basis. Any site-wide news will be posted here as well.

So I hope the new design makes browsing the site a slightly better experience.


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