Rebuilding Iraq

It seems like the war in Iraq is becoming seen as a worse decision with each passing day. Even after no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq, one major caveat was the capture of Saddam Hussein and the toppling of his evil regime. With Saddam out of the way, it would have appeared as though the Iraqi people would soon have a better life. However, this hardly seems the case.

Time Running Out for Rebuilding of Iraq

Articles like that definitely aren’t painting nice jovial pictures of the situation in Iraq. As much as I am against the war, I never suspected that people would be in many cases, living in worse conditions that prior to the war. Electrical generation isn’t up to the level prior to the war. Access to clean drinking water has dropped to 32% of the population compared to 50% prior to the war. On top of all that, many contracts are coming to and end with goals still merely a mirage in the distance. And now, with the US realizing that the rebuilding effort will cost much more money and time than they can afford, they’re trying to put the burden on other countries.

War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

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