Ready or Not Here I Come

Yes, finally some resolution to the largest topic that has been looming over me in recent days, weeks and months. My decision on what university to attend in the fall has finally been answered. And the answer is (drum roll please…)

I’m still not 100% convinced but I’m going to Waterloo.

Heh, doesn’t sound too confident now does it? But in any case, I’m getting the best deal I can out of all this. I decided over the long weekend that I would much rather be in computer engineering than nanotech engineering. Problem is I signed up for nanotech at Waterloo. While a prestigious program, it just isn’t for me so I decided to end my internal feud once and for all. I’d request to be transferred to computer engineering at Waterloo (although it’s very late to be doing that now) and if accepted, I would go there. If I was unable to be transferred, I’d go to Queen’s in the fall. I shot them off an email Monday night.

Apparently it wasn’t much of a problem for them. I got back a potentially life-changing email yesterday afternoon informing me of the switch from nanotech to computer engineering. To Waterloo I go! While the initial financial aide is less than great (although still one of the larger entrance awards which makes it even more pathetic) I’ll be able to make it up and more through their great co-op program. I’ll be able to leave university with 2 years of work experience under my belt. That means if I were to go into the workforce after my bachelors (and not continue in graduate studies as I plan to) I’ll have a much better chance of getting a decent job.

It must sound like I’m still trying to convince myself that this is the right path to take and you’d be right. At least my parents are very glad that I’ve chosen to go in this path. Hopefully it will turn out for the best.

On a separate note, I think I’m coming down with something. My throat has been sore for the past two days but nothing more than that. It makes me think that perhaps my immune system is marginally losing a vicious battle within me to keep from becoming completely engulfed by sickness. Ah well, there are only multiple tests coming up. :-/



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  1. I’m proud of you, Chuck. I know that no matter what you decide to do, you will do well, I just hope that you chose something that you want to do. It seems you are basing your choice on that, so I’m happy for you.

    It sounds corny but I mean it. 🙂

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