Read It And Weep People…

Here’s a little news article that I ran across today. To say the least, very intersting.


Essentially (for those who don’t feel like clicking) it’s a grandma, (85 years old) who bought Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for her 14 year old grandson, suing Take Two for its game because it contains sex scenes which can be unlocked through a third party hack. You may have heard the recent controversy over this game and that fact that many believe that the M (Mature) ESRB rating isn’t high enough. So let’s sum up and I’ll put it blatantly.

This grandma willingly buys a M rated game, which is meant only for 17 year olds and up for her 14 year old grandson. Then, she turns around and sues the company, for an undisclosed sum (she wants Take Two to relinquish all profits they made on this game) because it contains sex scenes accessible through a hack. Basically since the game has now had its rating change to AO (Adults Only) she is suing on the basis of “false advertising, consumer deception and unfair business practices.”

What a load of BS I say. Old granny bought a game for her 14 year old grandson, didn’t look at the M-rating and now thinks she can get a crapload of money from a suit cause the rating is now AO. I’m sorry, and I’m usually very nice to people, but SHE IS A FRIGGING MORON. I hope the judge throws this case out like a pile of garbage. But knowing America, she’ll win. >:-O

Just parents and relatives who are unwilling to accept the responsibility of actually having a kid to care for instead of throwing entertainment at them to keep them occupied.


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