Presenting: Amalgam

Well, after a day of figuring out the WordPress template layout then spending today on the actual coding, I’m nearing completion on my first theme. I’ve named it Amalgam to reflect its pretty hacked together state. To quote

a·mal·gam Pronunciation Key (e-malsymbolgem)

  1. Any of various alloys of mercury with other metals, especially:
    1. An alloy of mercury and silver used in dental fillings.
    2. An alloy of mercury and tin used in silvering mirrors.
  2. A combination of diverse elements; a mixture

I’m taking a bunch of features I like from various templates and combining them into one theme. You see my logic I’m sure. I’m also taking into account the main definition of amalgam. If my meager Photoshop skills will allow me, I’ve got some ideas floating around in my head just waiting to get splattered onto the virtual page.

So the majority of the visual part of the template is now done. I have to start filling it out with the features I’m actually thinking of…

I have to reference the creator of the Rin theme. In then end, it was that theme that really inspired me to create this. I couldn’t get over how much I liked the clean sophistication of his template. Don’t worry, I didn’t just hack his theme (which probably would’ve been a lot easier to be honest) I created this one pretty much from the ground up. (Okay, I did reference some other themes to make sure I was progressing in the right direction and I stole some of Rin’s images.) Over at his blog, he says he’s got another idea for a theme that should be amazing. I can’t wait to see what comes of it. Maybe the basis of my next theme? 😛

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