Preempting The End of 2B

In a couple days, I’ll have finished all my final examinations and be on my way home for the winter holiday break. This 2B semester has been especially challenging, not in terms of the difficulty of concepts, but of the amount of work required to do well. One recent graduate told me that 2B really isn’t too bad as long as you can stay on top of the many labs. Unfortunately, it sounds much easier than it actually is. On the plus side, I made a small resolution before the start of the semester to keep up with lectures, instead of cramming it all into the week before midterms and finals. I was sort of able to adhere to that, although not as much as I’d like. It’s progress, and I resolve that the next study semester will be even better with regard to keeping up with the material on a daily basis.

So far, four exams are behind me, with only ECE251 – Programming Languages and Translators to come. I’m finding it difficult to concentrate on this last subject with the prospect of being done so prevalent in my thoughts. Nevertheless, I’ll feel much better if I end it on a high note, so I’ll be working hard over the next day to ingrain the concepts within me. Thus far, only ECE241 Circuit Analysis and Design was a bit of a disappointment. While I think I did fine on the final, it was significantly more difficult than I had expected, so I have a feeling I’ll be disappointed in that mark.

After sort of being cheated out of the Dean’s List last semester (I won’t go into in extreme detail, but essentially one of my final exams was marked incorrectly, and my mark should have been significantly higher, but the updated mark was not submitted in time to be considered for rankings) my goal this semester was to make it back onto the List. Wish me luck.


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