Possible Coalition Government in Canada

Not since World War I has Canada been governed by a coalition government, but that’s starting to sound like a very possible scenario as the Liberals and NDP are in talks to form one. The next couple weeks will be interesting…


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  1. I wonder what happens if those two get into a disagreement. Does that mean that the Conservatives are back in power? Does that mean we’re back at the polls? I’m all for a non-black and white system as it is in the States, but this is bordering on ridiculous.

  2. We are not in favour of a coalition government in Canada! The conservative govt was elected by the people and therefore are the government of people’s choice. The opposition is there to support the elected government and do ‘What Is Best For Our Country’, not to fight against everything they do. It is in our Country’s best interest to restrain spending , the Honourable Jim Flaherty is on the right track , if we want to build a strong Canadian economy. Please do every thing you can to prevent this ridiculous action.

  3. Sixty four percent of Canadians did NOT want Harpur as PM of Canada. If the MP’s of the House of Commons do not have confidence in the Leader and his Party then why should the voters feel any different.
    The NDP is now given a chance to show Canada by joining the other 2 Parties that they are a Party to be aware of !

  4. @Jessica: True, but 74% didn’t want Dion in power; 90% didn’t want Duceppe in power; and 82% didn’t want Layton in power (source. So that argument about the majority of Canadians not wanting Harper in power falls a little flat. If I voted Liberal (which I wouldn’t if I had voted), I would not want anything to do with the Bloc. Separatism has no place in a national agenda for Canada. Equally strong opinions are to be had by members of other parties against other parties in this “coalition”.

  5. We have been living in Saskatchewan for sixteen years now (from Toronto) and, since the talk of a coalition, more and more people are talking about “The Republic of Western Canada”. That should say something to the government, but will they listen. Seems as if the people’s vote doesn’t count anymore.

  6. I never realized that the Governor General had so much power. Hopefully the Conservatives present a reasonable budget and this nonsense can be done with.

    I don’t get that “the Bloc Québécois would not officially be a part of the coalition, but the new government’s survival would depend on their support”. I don’t care that they aren’t ‘officially’ a part, I want to know if they are ‘practically’ a part.

  7. Well, they may not be a part of it in name, but they would have the final say. It’s not like anything by this phantom coalition would get passed without the Bloc’s support.

    In any case, we can all look forward to another 2 months of nothingness…

  8. I understand that democracy defines canada “strong and free” right? but how can we be strong if Stephen Harper can’t see reason? What happened to Parliament is supreme? If the Prime Minister can get the governor general to suspend parliament the who is really supreme? A vote of non-confidence is serious. This isn’t just about a bunch of “crank old men” being sore losers this is about Canada! Stephen Harper had a minority government before and what did he do with it? NOTHING! so why should the other parties sit back and watch this guy do nothing until he calls another election? Also what the media isn’t telling you is the reasons why the coalition has been produced. Stephen Harper has cut Campaign financing, leaving the other parties to scrounge around for money while the Conservatives (who have more than have of the wealthy people of Canada’s vote) bask in the glow of power. A second idea he’s brought to the table is no stimulus. This means that we will have a big infestructure deficit and that will slow down Canada’s buisness, aren’t we in a “economic crisis”? why would we risk to slow buisness down even more? Harper also wants to sell government buildings and turn around and lease them agian! i mean how dows that even begin to make sense? The Prime Minister has also ended the pay equity, this means that women will not have equal pay compared to men in government jobs. Isn’t there more women in Canada than men? You really don’t want to mess with angry women Harper! and lastly he has made the strikes of government workers illegal. What is Harper planning that would make the government employees strike? I don’t know but he has something up his sleeve… All I know is that it’s a scary thought when the Prime Minister can manipulate enough people to over run the rest of parliament don’t you?

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