Well, I thought I should write something even if it’s a whole lot of nothing on this first day of 2007. You know, just to have that little mark on the first day of a brand new calendar.

I’m off to university tomorrow. School doesn’t start until Wednesday, but I’ll be moving into a place (off campus) with some classmates tomorrow. I just did a quick look through my weekly schedule again, and for some reason or another, it looks awfully empty (not a bad thing at all). There are a few labs that aren’t on that schedule yet. That’ll probably fill a couple of the mornings. I don’t start classes until 1:30pm just about every day. You don’t know how nice that looks when you just came from a semester of 8:30am classes every day.

I’m not going to be taking my desktop with me for the first week at least. This is partly due to a lack of space in the car and partly so I can cool down this game, Medieval 2: Total War. It’s been consuming me so much that, as you can see, I still haven’t completed the new site design or moved over to the new host/domain. In fact, I haven’t touched the design over the past two days. Maybe the rest from that will help when I start work on it again. So I’ll just be bringing the laptop. No gaming, just work for the first week. First impressions are everything right? Hopefully my courses’ first impressions of me will be decent and they’ll decide to go easy on me this semester. 🙂


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