Photos From My First Ballgame

Last week, I went out to my first baseball game, to watch the Toronto Blue Jays face the Florida Marlins. I have very few friends who actually enjoy baseball; the majority dislike it as a boring, lengthy game. I have to admit, I’ve done my share of baseball bashing in the past without actually having seen one, so I certainly didn’t help. I was half excited for the game and half excited to do some sports photography.

7th inning stretch

Okay, so the bus ride and the tickets combined were $8, so I didn’t expect good seats, but the 500 level isn’t actually that bad. Sure it’s a bit high up, but the view of the field is still fine. Next time I go (yeah, the game was good enough that I definitely plan on attending more games), I’m going to pay up to sit in a lower level, but factoring in the price, you can’t go wrong with the cheap 500 level tickets either.


The start of the game was terrible. By the bottom of the 4th inning, the Florida Marlins held a 5-0 lead. I was getting a little fidgety. But as my baseball-loving friend often told me, games swing quite easily. Unlike many sports, which are time-based, it isn’t altogether rare for a team to get a bunch of runs over a small number of innings. And Toronto did just that. Of course, the mascot took advantage of this and got the fans pumped up.

The Bluejay

I’ve seen some baseball highlights on television before, and one of the most unnatural things I’ve ever seen is the angle of some pitchers’ elbows. It’s not surprising that injuries are fairly common among the group. Janssen, seen here, injured himself a couple games later.


The Jays ended up losing 6-5, but it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience overall. Rios was (if I recall correctly) the second last person at bat. Here’s him getting a strike. He went on to steal to second, but was then caught trying to steal third. The last batter for the Jays struck out swinging and that was that for the day.


Luckily, I made it out to the only game with the Marlins that wasn’t a blow-out. The game on Sunday turned into an 11-3 rout. I’m glad I wasn’t there for that game, or I might have been turned off from the sport altogether.

I wrapped the day up in Toronto with dinner at an Italian restaurant. While sitting on the patio, I noticed this squirrel chomping away on his own dinner. I pulled out the camera and got a couple shots before he scampered away.



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