Photo Topic – Food

Squirrel, munching away

Theme for this week is food. This one’s a bit old, taken while in Toronto after a Blue Jays game last year. We were sitting down to eat outdoors, on a patio, when this little bugger popped up with a big chunk of food in its clutches.

Reason for the gap in posting is due to the recent trip to China. Reason for the old photo this week is due to the huge backlog of photos, taken in China, that I’ve yet to process. Didn’t want to add much more to an already intimidating pile. After resting up, I’m going dive headlong into the photos next week.

Side-note: I was torn whether to use “that” or “which” in the paragraph above (emphasized), a grammar issue that I’ve run juggled in the past, but never resolved. A quick check online and I’ve learned to use “that” when working with restrictive clauses, and “which” with non-restrictive clauses. Clearly, the photos I’ve yet to process restricts the entire set of photos, so “that” is the appropriate word to use in this instance.


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