It’s a glorious day and the family and I are currently on the road. That means this post is being made from a BlackBerry.:) We’re just doing some banking stuff (boring) but we’re going down to the Falls again after this. It’s like 10 degrees outside, sunny, with a nice southerly breeze. What more could a person ask for at this time of year?

I also possibly had my first truly abnormal experience earlier today. Everytime I come home from the university, I like to play a bit of piano. Typically at this point I wouldn’t have played the piano for at least a week, so understandably, my “chops” aren’t top notch. Well today when I went to play a bit, I was shocked to find that not only was I fully capable of playing everything I had been working on, I played everything exceptionally well. This was without any warmup whatsoever; I just say down and started playing the Black Key Etude. I honestly don’t think in all of my years of piano that I ever played that pice so well. Feeling that something was different today, I cracked open another etude and blew through that. I then continued on to a Fantasie Impromtu, also by Chopin. That also went faster and more precisely than I can remember. I truly felt something while I was at the piano this morning. Oh that’s not to mention I had a dream about someone who sent me an unexpected email while I was asleep. Weird.


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