Pet Peeves

I’d like to lay out two of my pet peeves. Reason? I saw way too much of the second one this evening.

I hate if when people cough, especially without covering their mouths. The sound is just terrible and if it’s a chronic cough and I have to listen to it on end, I seriously feel like walking over and giving them a cough drop. The sound is just so terrible and if they don’t cover their mouths, it’s just that many times worse. I’m sure it’s all psychological, but it just grinds a nerve, very badly with me.

Alright, second peeve. I’m sitting in the bus terminal. I’m minding my own business. A young couple sits down next to me. As though it’s necessary to prove to all the world that they feel strongly for each other, a great big display of PDA (public display of affection) is put on. A little hand holding, maybe a kiss isn’t too bad. But when you’re sitting on the guy’s lap and making out in a very public bus terminal, well, that’s probably a little too much.

The bus is about to come, so I get up and walk outside to the platform. The bus pulls up and people start boarding. Another young couple starts kissing. Okay. Then they start going at it even more intimately. Before I know it, they’re basically swallowing each others’ faces. Thanks but no thanks. Oh I’m sure you just love each other at the age of the like 16 or 17, but keep it in your pants alright?

Now I’m sitting behind an older couple (hmmm, I’d guess around 25). This is definitely the most subdued display so far. They’re only cuddling and kissing loudly every once in a while. I can’t believe my luck today.

Maybe I’m overreacting to it all a little too much. I’ve never been one to show any sort of affection in public. I hesitate to even hug my parents in public. Slap me if you see me acting like this any time in the future eh? I’m sure some 18 year old would thank you silently.


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  1. Hmm… PDA’s…

    I’m not a fan myself, it makes me uncomfortable, but I suppose to each their own.

    I HATE when people sneeze on airplanes without using a tissue!!!!!!

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