PDEng 45 – The Worst Yet

I have a prediction. PDEng 45 will be the worst PDEng course thus far – reason being that it’s group-based. That’s right, a group-based PDEng course. I can sort of understand why they decided torment us so. After all, the course is called ‘Leadership‘. It’s a little difficult to lead when you’re a team of one. Nevertheless, if most students do PDEng as I and my friends do, it’ll get shoved to the last possible minute. Have you ever tried cramming a group project just before it’s due? It’s not fun. Inevitably one or two people end up doing all the work.

And I guess that may be why this is the perfect chance to learn about leadership – how to motivate everyone to not fail miserably at PDEng. Truth be told, regardless of what the material and projects actually consist of, I have no doubt that getting the people together at the same time to work will be the most difficult part. When everyone is so unmotivated to do a PDEng assignment, it’s really like asking who wants to lead the troops down Death Row. You know the end result won’t be pleasant.

So with a grimace I face this new course. I’ve filled out the two mandatory conduct forms, which state I the requirements to pass the course and how to act in an online course. Next, I get set up with my group members. Cross your fingers.


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