Two Down…

We had our first two performances of Seussical today. Generally things went well. No nervousness here which is kind of surprising due to the fact that I used to get extremely nervous for piano performances. But then again, I’m not going solo and my part is relatively small on stage. No pressure on me to perform.:p Playing keyboard in the pit’s a little tougher. The music’s not too tough but it’s constant. It makes for a very exciting show though. You always get that warm feeling after a successful performance, but I’m especially looking forward to the evening performances. If I remember the shows from two years ago, the evening performances were very exciting, although I was in the pit only.

Apparently my family has bought a new house in Niagara Falls. The house looks great even though it’s not quite finished. It’s got those double high ceilings and big windows. I’ve even got a private balcony type thingy overlooking the entrance hall. I’m thinking of getting a desk and computer up there. It’ll be where I’ll be living when I’m not at university.

Speaking of university, well, I’m still not entirely certain of where I’ll be heading off to next year. I guess it’s mostly looking like Queen’s at this point. Who knows, I’ll have to figure it out soon; I’ve just been too busy lately (that always seems to be my excuse).

Last thing before I sign off here tonight: We had a little musical get together this evening and I was struck by a very disturbing occurrence. I have nothing against people who drink but tonight when a friend tried to explain to a girl that these get togethers are much more fun when people are drunk pushed me over a little mental ledge. She doesn’t drink and didn’t have intentions of doing so for cast parties and I kindly told my friend and the girl that no one should push anyone else to drink. It’s just not right. Plain and simple as that. I feel bad that I made my friend look a little awkward and I’ll talk to him about it tomorrow, but I just couldn’t let it go.

What a way to end a day huh? Anyways, two more performances tomorrow. Hope they’ll be okay as well. My school’s coming to watch us in the afternoon. Should be loads of good times!


[Originally posted 10:29PM May 4, 2005]


So, it seems like blogging has become quite the popular thing nowadays. I’ve always contemplated keeping a journal but it seemed so… girlish to do. A friend had recently pointed me in the blogging direction and I made a point to start one sometime. But this morning after I woke up to get ready for our first musical performance, I decided to make a blog for myself. And well, here it is! Who knows, maybe this’ll help me become less internalized.

In any case, I’m going to go off to our musical performance. Wish me luck!