Over The Hump

Well, I’m back at the university and about to finish up studying for my fourth exam, tomorrow morning, on circuits. Actually, it’s a pretty exciting time as I’m officially over the hump. I have a total of 5 exams and I’ve already completed 3 of them. That means I’m more than half way to freedom for another semester. To recap, I’ve done physics, accounting, and calculus. Physics went okay, accounting went well (knock on wood) and calculus went okay. I feel alright about the exam tomorrow, but I’m all studied out anyways. I don’t think sitting here eyeing more and more problems is really going to help me. I’m not really too sure how much is actually sinking in at this point. I’ve pretty much reached the saturation level of my brain although I can drop what I’ve learned in the previous three classes already. :p

Aside from finishing the semester (and officially my first year of university), I’m also very excited about visiting PEI for the first time in, well, a year. I even went out and bought a nice 2GB secure digital card for the digicam on the weekend. It was quite a steal; $40 for a 2GB card. It seems just like yesterday when I was buying that 256MB card for $50… In any case, I can now take almost 20 minutes of glorious 640×480 video at 30 frames per second. To put that in perspective, that’s DVD quality video. Granted the encoding method is pretty inefficient (a decent quality 43 minute TV show only takes up 350-400MB) it’s still nice to have. I’m sure I’ll re-encode it to save some space. As well, I can take about 2000, 3MP photos. Yeah, not a large photo, but boy did that SD200 really catch my eye back in the day. I regretted now taking enough pictures when I was back on the Island and I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to visit again after this summer so I plan to make the most of it and take as many little moments in time as I possibly can.

I’m also very excited about the work term coming up. Not only do I get job experience (always useful), I can also undertake some little projects of my own that I don’t have time for during the study semester. The one I’m looking forward to the most is the improvement, both functionally and visually, of this site/blog. Of special note, I’m interested to see what WordPress 2.1 can bring to the table. From what I’m reading, there’s going to be quite a few improvements that I’m definitely glad to see happening. Of special note, I’m extremely impressed and excited about the administration area remodeling currently being undertaken. The project is called ‘Shuttle’. From the mockups, it looks spectacular. I can hardly wait to get my hands on it and try it out. I’ve already begun to look at things that I want to incorporate into a new theme and I’ll try to get some of my ideas down on paper, just as a rough sketch of what I want to accomplish with the new theme. It already seems great in my mind, but it’ll be a matter of if I can actually get it down in code and working. 😉 Oh, you can’t imagine how much fun it is sitting up late at night trying to get these themes to work properly in all the major browsers. Why can’t they just all get along eh? 🙂

Alright, that’s all for now. I have to go review one more topic (it’s getting a little crowded in my mind and some things are slipping out) before I head off to bed. It’s probably the worst time for this, but I came down with a little illness of some sort over the past week. It must be the lack of rest I’ve been getting in the 40 degree weather. I don’t want to have a cold bugging me when I write the exam tomorrow morning!


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    We sure are excited over here! And we got to meet Marc too, he’s a champ, you’ll like him. Things are different but are they ever the same. Can’t wait to see you.

  2. Teehee, I’m super excited as well. Yes indeedy. 🙂 Only two more days left in this hell hole! Oh, so I find out a little more about when I arrive. My ticket is apparently for 8:30am out of Pearson and it arrives in Charlottetown around 11:30am. Don’t quite me on that but it makes sense as my parents were saying I’ll have to get up early that morning to make it to Toronto in time… 🙁

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