Open Letter to Rogers

To Whom It May Concern,

While the idea of online self service is a great one, the Rogers implementation fails horribly at meeting the requirements. You encourage and expect customers, such as myself, to do business with you online, pay bills online, and manage our services online, yet do not provide a system that allows us to do so easily. It becomes rather difficult and frustrating when attempts to use your website end in complete failure.

Attempting to log into the customer service area usually results in a ‘session timed out error’. I’m not certain of the reason for the time-out the moment I sign in, but I know that this must not be the intended effect. Unfortunately, I can’t do all my business in the microsecond you permit before my session times out.

I also get frequent server errors whenever I try to do anything related to the online self service. I get blank pages, I get unsuccessful log ins. I get just about everything except what I wish, which is do business with you, Rogers.

And to top it all off, I was finally able to see my bill today and because of your problematic, oftentimes non-functional website, I have incurred a late charge. I’ve been attempting to pay my bill for the past week, but your site’s numerous problems have prevented me. And those problems have given me a late charge. Perhaps this is a new revenue stream Rogers plans on using to speed its bottom line growth?

Who knows. But what I do know is when I attempted to pay my bill today, I was ejected from my account again. I attempted for another 30 minutes to sign back in, with no avail, due to the problems I’ve outlined above. I don’t have time to try and pay you day after day.

Read around on the Internet for problems associated your online service system. It’s not just myself who have run into them. They have caused a lot of grief both for myself and others. It is truly a sad day when the customer (me) considers canceling their services with a company, not because those services are poor, but because of a shitty online site. We are your customers. Treat us with some respect, the respect that is warranted because I pay you $60/month for cellular service.

Please fix your system, Rogers, if for nothing except so that I can pay my bills on time.




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  1. I sent them a similarly frustrated e-mail and got the news from one cog in the machine or another that it would be slowly handed along the bureaucratic chain until it was lost completely in a black hole and completely forgotten about. Best of luck!

  2. I will not get into the mistake upon mistake that Rogers has done to our account upon moving, the many hours we have spent on the phone with them. We have never had to deal with such an incompetent company, it is absolutely unbelievable and I know many friends who have had numerous frustrating, hair pulling conversations with customer service as we have!!!!!!

  3. The unfortunate thing is, with the telecommunications oligopoly that exists in Canada, there’s no real way around dealing with companies like Telus, Bell and Rogers.

  4. Yeah, about 5 months ago I cancelled all my Rogers services (internet, cable & cell) because of their piss poor customer support and terrible cell quality. When I signed on with them I had a brand new 3G Motorola Razr V3x (not even available in Canada). The voice quality was so bad that I had to repeat every 5th or 6th word… I called their customer support number and even the rep was asking me to repeat things. I told them I was in downtown Ottawa and the crappy signal was because of their system. They said they would be upgrading their network to 3G in the fall of that year, but things didn’t get better.
    During my time with them, I sent 3 very long and detailed complaints about their crappy website. I’m not a web specialist, but I work in the field of human-system interaction, and so I’ve seen my share of bad design… Anyway, they did not reply to the first 2 e-mail, and the 3rd they basically said “thanks for the info” and nothing was changed.
    Anyway, a few weeks ago I decided to reactivate my cell phone, but only on a pay-as-you-go basis since I don’t plan on using the phone very much. I went to the Rogers store which is just a few blocks away and they told me I needed a new SIM card. I thought this was a ripoff because I already had a Rogers SIM card and wanted to keep the same number. Anyway, I had to buy a new SIM card for $50, and then they told me it would cost $20 for them to activate it, or I could do it myself online !!!! What a complete load of crap ! I decided to do it myself through their online webpage. Since I wanted to re-use my old number, I entered it into the field and it did a search and told me my number was available. So I filled out the rest of the form and registered. A few minutes later I received an e-mail message telling me it could take up to a week for the number to be activated, so I figured that was not a big deal.
    I waited 7 days, then, since there was a weekend plus a holiday Monday in there, I waited 3 more days to give them a total of 7 working days (10 calendar days). The following Saturday (13 calendar days after registering) I went back to the Rogers store to find out what the holdup was. I explained to the Rogers rep what was going on, and she told me that it took 6 months for a previously used number to become available again, so I still had to wait another few weeks for my old number to be available…. I told her that it was a Rogers number in the first place, and secondly, why did the website tell me it was available ?!! She told me to call customer service. So I called from the phone in the store and guess what… they aren’t open on weekends !!
    So I said “thanks for nothing” and came back home. I went to my e-mail and replied to the original confirmation e-mail that I received from Rogers on the 17th and told them that if I hadn’t heard back from them on this situation by close of business on the coming Monday (15 calendar days since registering), I would return the SIM card and find a provider that took their customers seriously. On that Monday I also tried to call their customer support line at lunch, but hung up after waiting about 15 minutes.
    Today, I headed back to the Rogers store to get a refund on my SIM card. The rep I talked to told me these were not refundable. I told him that I didn’t care about their policies, I was not satisfied with their lack of customer service and wanted my money back. He said I had not contacted customer support to sort out the problem ! I told him I tried on 2 occasions, the first they were closed, and the second they didn’t answer in a reasonable time. I also told him that I had registered my SIM card and gotten a reply that my phone would be activated within a week, so it wasn’t up to me to contact them, it should be up to them to contact me if there’s a problem !!!
    He was completely unwilling to help or do anything at all, so I left. I would think that as a Rogers rep, he would pick up the phone and call customer service and sort it out, but no, not even the slightest effort to help a customer that he might have been able to keep with Rogers if he had tried…
    Now to finish my rant, I want to add that I’m a very patient person, and I believe I gave them ample time to reply to me via e-mail as they said they would in their original confirmation e-mail. I work in the government, so I have learned to be patient with people and the problems of bureaucracy, but frankly, Rogers is worse than the Public Service ! What kind of a company could possibly survive with customer service like that ?! One that has a veritable monopoly on the communications market in Canada !

  5. has anyone ever sued Rogers for the crap they pull when they have there reps call you on the phone offering a great offer??? well i think it is time someone did something, here is what happened to me.I was notified by a sweet voice telling me she was from Rogers and that because I was a valued customer they are giving me a Free Cell phone which will cost me nothing extra on my bill, it was there way of saying thanks, thinking it was a good deal and i have a new driver in the family who should have one on them when driving by themselves I agree. Now keep in mind this was last July when my 3 year contract was up with them. This past week my daughter got a new cell from another provider, now it cost her $ 25 month, good deal. Now not having check my cell bill for a while I was shocked to see that the free cell now cost me $ 50.00 a month? I was well pissed so I called a Roger’s rep and wanted it cancelled, well surprise surprise I was informed that i was now on another 3 year contract with Rogers and if i wanted to cancel it i would be charged $ 400.00 phone [and i have 3 phones] you see as soon as they SUCKERED me into the NEW FREE CELL PHONE [which now cost me $50.00 month] i was automatically signed up for another 3 year contract!!! which at no time was i informed that this would happen. I asked for any sort of proof to show that I agreed to this [I told her to fax, email, mail me something to prove that i agreed to this] she would not, so I said if I was to sue them what would happen, she responded by saying that they would provide the info then. Some my advice to all you Rogers customer is ‘AS SOON AS YOUR CONTRACT IS UP FIND A NEW PROVIDER” Learn from my mistake. I think it is time that someone makes a stand, I am considering taking legal actions against them, I will keep you all informed as how it is going.

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