One Sybase. One Team. One Billion.

I’m proud to be a part of a historic event at Sybase. Announced on Jan. 24, 2008, Sybase’s 2007 revenue surpassed $1 billion US for the first time. Since my previous semester at Sybase, there have been banners up around the building with the slogan ‘One Sybase. One Team. One Billion’. The milestone was something of a psychological achievement as well as a financial requirement of sorts, since that number had been given out to analysts and shareholders as a forecast for the year.

Growth was phenomenal over the past year, with people both inside and outside the company really grabbing on to the Unwired Enterprise platform. In addition, Sybase IQ has gained a lot of traction in the business intelligence market. All in all, it was a pretty good time to be a part of Sybase and its success.

In recognition and celebration of the milestone, Sybase held an event globally with the executive team to discuss our success of 2007 and to look forward to more growth in 2008. At Sybase iAnywhere in Waterloo, we had an all-hands lunch BBQ this past Friday and everyone was given a nice pin, as a reminder of the success we’ve had at Sybase. I was able to feel a bit of pride, since I’d worked at the company in 2007, during my previous co-op semester.

One Sybase. One Team. One Billion

It’s not often one gets to be a part of a company during a historic event. It’s even more rare (I’d imagine) when you’re not even out of university!


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  1. We listened to the company meeting on the Friday and held a separate celebratory lunch on this past Wednesday. How was the Waterloo event?

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