Oh How True

I read this post and I immediately thought, oh dear, this is a perfect discription of how I feel.

The Stack – Gamers With Jobs

I will say, even a game like Oblivion gets a little tedious after a while of killing goblins and running aimlessly. You probably all thought I was some sort of addicted gamer, but I’m really not! I’m quite picky with my game playing. 🙂

All the computer parts have now arrived, but they’re back home and I’m… not. I’m heading up to Blue Mountain for the long weekend to do some sightseeing and hiking. It should be good. The weather is supposed to be amazing (sunny and 22C on Sunday) so some time with nature will be oh so very nice after weeks of sitting cooped up in an offce. Those fluorescent lights I tell you….

Yeah, so I’ll have to make do with this semi-busted laptop for another week. Damn.

P.S. This week’s PDEng assignment looks even gayer than usual. I may have to ask for an extension seeing that I’ll be relaxing this long weekend and NOT going PDEng.


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