Oh Hooray…

At work today, a fellow co-op student shrieked out in shock (ok, that’s an exaggeration, it was more like he called me over). I rushed over to see what was wrong. Turns out, he was reading a news article on CBC.ca about tuitions. They’re going up this fall. Since they’ve been frozen for two years, they’ll be jumping up a couple hundred bucks. Oh yippee. What’s the point of a freeze if they’re just going to raise it extra bunch right after the freeze expires anyways? Gradual increases is probably better than the schools trying to claw it all back in one big jump anyways.

This was also another shocking article. You’d think they could just turn off their lights, save the birds and some power in the process eh? I guess they just don’t get it. I mean, maybe I’m missing something completely, but what’s the real advantage of having all those useless office lights on at night?…

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  1. That is sick.
    It’s like here, the UPEI professors are wanting to go on strike and you know the only people to get the short stick no matter what are the students. They go on strike, we lose classes and have to make them up while everyone else has returned home, plus our tuition goes through the roof next year to make up the pay raise.

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