Oh Goody

I’ve now fallen prey to the Rhinovirus (or in the words of House, a cold) for the second time in just about as many months. I really think that says something about how well I take care of myself. I used to get sick maybe once a year; now it seems like I can go a couple months without getting the sniffles and a fever. And yes, this act in itself is probably to blame; I’m sick and yet I’m sitting here typing away when I should be resting.

Oh well. Just my luck too; I get sick just in time for the weekend… And I have PDEng to do and a presentation next week at work. Blah.


2 Replies to “Oh Goody”

  1. Yeah. I used to be very healthy and now I get sick quite easily. I don’t think I’m taking care of my body too well. Getting about 5 hours of sleep a night, staying out even later on the weekends, eating and drinking way too many unhealthy things, drinking way too much in general. I think I lose at life 😛 Especially because I was just looking at the E1 again and it still looks good. And even more so because I broke my MacBook – my outdated MacBook. Oh ,and you can’t forget me passing up the opportunity to exchange my T609 with the W810i. K. This comment is depressing. Sickness sucks, but it’s an excuse to do very little 🙂

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