Off To Sybase

Rankings are over and I’ve got a job waaayyyy out at Sybase iAnywhere. Okay, in case you didn’t sense the sarcasm (the internet has a way of stripping sarcasm out of any phrase…) Sybase iAnywhere is extremely close to the University of Waterloo. In fact it’s located in the UWaterloo Technology Park. So in many ways, it’ll be like I’m still at school this summer. Actually I’m looking forward to working at Sybase. The position is Product Management, but really it’s just a smattering of business and technology. I’ll be learning a lot about their database product and SQL (excellent, database skills are essential these days) as well as programming with C/C++ and Java. It’ll be a great opportunity for me to learn a lot. Plus housing should be cheap enough here in Waterloo in the summer, or at least I’d hope so. To boot, the building looked very nice when I visited for the info session a while back.

Well, I have an economics midterm tomorrow as well as a Digital Circuits lab due on Wednesday. I should get back to work.


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  1. Sybase does have a sweet building, so does Open Text. Actually, any building in that park is pretty sweet.

    I wish RIM would put a damn building in there. Considering in the past year they’ve gone from 12 to 24 buildings and their close relationship with UofW, you would think they would be able to score a bit of land (something RIM has run out of) right beside their current location… doesn’t make much sense. That’s where I’m doing my second second work term right now. Pretty good times.

    I’ve noticed you’re pretty (damn) good at CSS and PHP. Myself (Laurier BBA) and a friend of mine – a fellow UofW Engineer – are in the final stages of finishing our web application and I’m wondering if you can help us finish it off and work out the kinks (quite a few in the CSS).

    We’re looking to grow our team with some local talent and you fit the bill with experience in PHP, Javascript and CSS. We really want to showcase Waterloo’s talent on the web front. Currently we only have a decent knowledge in PHP, little knowledge in javascript, and passable knowledge in CSS.

    Let me know if you’re interested. I know you have a work term coming up, so you may have some free time. Trust me – working is far more fun and enjoyable than school. Oh, don’t post on my blog since I’ve been raided by so many comment spam bots that I know longer even attempt to check what the comments are. So just send me an email if you’re interested (or not).

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