Obligatory iPhone Thoughts…

Everyone’s doing it, so I thought I’d put down a few quick thoughts on Apple’s much talked-about launch of the iPhone. First off, I’d like to say Kevin Rose was wrong! The instant I heard those ‘specs’, I doubted it, especially the price and the launch on all carriers. It just didn’t make much sense at all. I won’t dwell on that; it just goes to show a well-known and well-connected member of the internet community doesn’t always know everything (oh, you say, but his prediction of the nano was pretty spot on).

So some thoughts. The main theme is sort of like the morning after effect. I was definitely caught up in the whole thing; I admit it, I was reading MacRumorLive on my cell phone for a good portion of my afternoon classes. All the things it could do sounded damn impressive. It looked slick, seemed to operate well, and the touchscreen (without a stylus) seemed like a good move, if it works well. But then reality hit. It would cost a hell of a lot and be locked to Cingular. Oh, did I mention it would cost a lot. I’d probably say the $499 – 4GB and $599 – 8GB costs are reasonable if they were the prices for buying the devices outright, but no; those prices are only with a 2-year contract with Cingular.

Then it occurred to me, one of the greatest uses for this device is data. One of the 3 main facets of the device is internet functionality (the other two being voice and iPod). Granted it does include Wi-Fi, but any sort of data plan, especially in Canada, is a pricey affair. I guess the mentality of Apple is, if you’ve got the wad of money for the iPhone itself, you don’t mind shelling out another $40-60/month for a data service.

Oh and it’ll only ship in June and will probably only become widely available come fall (we all know preorders are going to account for the good majority of the initial shipments). It seems like they launched it this early because it was already so hyped and they really didn’t have much else to show. What would there have been without an iPhone launch? AppleTV by itself would’ve made for quite the drab Macworld SF.

I’ll still say, I think it’ll be decently popular and definitely something I wouldn’t mind carrying around. However, it’s one thing to pay $250 once for an iPod, it’s something completely different to pay $500 + a contract for 2 years for the iPhone.


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