And the decision has been made. The Richmond, Va. has decided to not make a decision for the time being. Because the possible injunction was not enforced, Research in Motion stock jumped a solid five bucks. And personally, I hope this is just the first of many victories for Research in Motion even if the one today was relatively small. And it’s not just because Research in Motion happens to be in my university city.

NTP is getting ridiculously greedy.

In a release from earlier this morning, NTP is now demanding $126 million in damages immediately as well as an injunction as well as royalties from the past who knows how many years. People said it would be suicide for NTP to want an injunction alone against the BlackBerry as it would but off their royalty payments as well. Apparently, we didn’t realize that NTP wants its cake and eat it too. An injunction and $126 million! My oh my…

With NTP’s patents getting rejected one by one, it would seem as though they’re in a rough position to be the ones demanding. But as with all rulings, the USTPO rulings can be appealed, dragging this out even longer.

Some people are speculating that the judge is actually waiting for the Supreme court ruling on the case where they’re trying to decide whether it’s appropriate to dole out injunctions for technology patent infringement.

I hope this one goes for Research in Motion and I hope NTP gets nothing. Perhaps a countersuit will be necessary when this one wraps up, alleging NTP cost RIM not only a lot of time, but money as well since some customers and potential customers are getting scared away by this whole mess. That would surely be an interesting turn of events.

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