I feel like I should be keeping up my French so there, that’s my quota for the month.

So maybe you had it where you are as well, but at Bell Mobility, it was Bring Your Kid(s) to Work Day today. Now maybe I did or maybe I didn’t write about this in the past, but a co-worker made the joke that when they first saw me at the office, they thought it was Bring Your Kid(s) to Work Day. It obviously wasn’t back then, but today, I feel like perhaps many people thought the same thing again, except this time seriously.

Allow me to put this in perspective.

In the land of lots of people (Ontario), they mostly become unfriendly; that means no saying hello or chatting with (almost) strangers. Working on the Bell campus with multiple thousands of people pretty much guarantees that I won’t get to know more than a handful of the employees. It also means that I rarely say hello to people. Well not today. As I was standing around waiting for a few friends to go out for lunch, I had a couple employees smile and say hi to me in that ‘oh you’re much younger and very innocent’ sort of way. Clearly they thought I was some person’s son, there at Bell Mobility for the day. I even got quite a few looks from the kids, no doubt wondering who I was, and why I had a full employee pass and not the visitor pass they were wearing. Keep in mind, these kids are in Grade 9. Oh how sad.

So aside from that, and playing foosball with some of the kids, I had a pretty uneventful day. Towards the end of it, I got ridiculously tired for some reason. It just sort of hit me all of a sudden. I was feeling fine during the morning, but around 3-4pm, I couldn’t function. My brain couldn’t comprehend any of the inputs it was receiving. I was reading a research paper on mobile messaging and I don’t think I processed one word from all the stuff I ‘read’. I’ve been sleeping pretty well so the only explanation is someone put something in my water.

What else could it be?…


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