Not Procrastinating!

I’m very proud of myself you see. So far, I’m glad to say I haven’t left anything to the last minute. I’ve been doing my work fairly early and getting them done before the due date. It feels so much nicer not to have the super stress placed on you when you know you’ve gotta cram it in to finish it in time. So far, I’ve gotten my chemistry and calculus done well ahead of the schedules due dates and I’m practically done of a programming assignment that’s not due until next Monday. I’m slightly behind on my reading, which I’m not too proud of. I read about 50 pages of a general engineering textbook last night and had to finish that up early this morning.

And then there’s physics. Well, physics is completely utterly confusing. I normally don’t blame people, but I’d partly say it’s the professor’s fault. You see, he’s too smart. He explains things in such intricate ways that it’s very difficult to follow. He regularly tells us how easy it should be and all, but I honestly don’t think 3/4s of the class can follow. Thus I’ve decided to do most of the learning on my own. I intend to study thoroughly the stuff that is coming up so that I’ll basically understand it already. That way at lectures I can listen somewhat and maybe understand more easily or just tune out if it still doesn’t help. In either case, physics is (surprisingly) the class I’m having the most trouble in. The assignment due Monday isn’t quite done, mostly because I haven’t understood what’s been going on in lectures and the tutorial didn’t help much. I’m going to do a ton of reading and learning this weekend. Oh yeah, I’m going home this weekend. It’ll be nice to sleep on my own bed.

I also realized (today actually) why I shouldn’t have gone into medecine or nanotech engineering. I totally dislike chemistry. I mean it’s a good subject and all, I don’t look down on it whatsoever. However, it’s just not something that I look forward to. I still will have to do quite a bit with the subject since I want to do semiconductor R&D which means working with these substances like germanium and silicon, but it’s a lot less than with nanotech or medecine especially. I’m really enjoying math more and more. I actually look forward to the ECE150 class (programming) because the professor is really quite good and I’m enjoying learning about programming. I could never really get a good foothold in learning programming myself in the past so now that I am understanding seemingly exponentially more and more everyday, I’m loving it. As I said, I worked on the assignment the night it was given out and I even went to a tutoring session where I was able to get some help from a TA, which was extremely appreciated and helpful. I’ve never really had anything click into place before just like that as I tended to grasp ideas just from listening in class. But when I was working on the assignment, it just all snapped into place. It was a most wondrous feeling let me tell you.

I’ve been making a very solid effort to get myself better organized and perform better time management. With the help of Konfabulator, I’ve got a To-Do list up on my desktop so every time I look at the screen I can see what’s on the agenda and how urgent those tasks are. Then I take care of them one at a time and one by one, the tasks disappear. Before I know it, I’m done for the next few days and I’m ahead of the game. I’ve got about a week of notes that I’ve got to go over though. That first week I didn’t really have my act together so I was pretty unorganized. I’ve got to read through those notes and maybe pick up some more understanding. The pace of these lectures is pretty breathtaking to be honest. It’s pretty hard to write, listen and understand all at the same time. In any case, I’ve got a list of stuff to do for the weekend so I’ll know exactly what I have to do.

Because I’ve got most of my work done already for tomorrow, I’m taking a break to write this while listening to Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble. I haven’t updated my blog in quite a long time. But when you’ve got a class schedule that’s close to a full time job already and add on time for studying and assignments, it’s around a 60 hour work week. I can now officially tell my dad that I work more than him! šŸ˜‰ So I hope you can the lack of activity on the site. I may actually work on the site a bit more this weekend if I’ve got time. There are still parts that aren’t up yet and others that I’d like to improve. But time really is the pricy commidity these days. I’ve got too little of it.


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  1. Haha, everybody here listens to Michael Buble. My host parents are going to his concert here on Saturday (sooo jealous) while I have a “canadian thanksgiving” dinner with one of the Rotarians from my club…

    that was random, I know…

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