Nokia 2125i Review

Call Quality and Reception

I heard some absolute horror stories about the sound quality of this phone. Some said it was like talking through tin cans. I can safely say however, this is not the case. While there definitely is a certain ‘edge’ to the sound, it’s not bad at all and certainly not as metallic as I feared. Reception on the Bell network also seems to be decent. For most places around Waterloo, I’m getting at least half full signal strength and in many places, full signal strength. I haven’t really noticed much of a difference in call quality between the two states however. Because of the internal antenna, reception probably does suffer a bit compared to a phone with an external antenna. In the basement of some buildings, I get minimal signal strength.

Battery Life

Battery life seems to vary a lot with this phone depending on reception strength. At the residence basement I’m staying at where I’m getting almost no signal, I can only go about 2 days of low use before I get the low battery message. However, elsewhere in the city, I can go for 5 to 6 days without recharging. Overall I’m pretty pleased with the battery life. Since I’ve got a land line phone at my residence anyways, I just turn off the cell when I’m there. This way I can use the phone for about a week before recharging.


You also have your choice from 20 or so ring tones. Volume of both the ring tone and of the call itself can be set to quite high. The speaker-piece seems to be pretty directional which is nice. You can still be heard fairly clearly even if the surroundings is noisy. A female co-worker at my co-op job also commented that the phone was ‘cute’ when she saw it. So umm… yeah, whatever that means. πŸ˜€


You get what you paid nothing for I guess. For a free phone, especially with only a 1 year plan, I’m very happy with it. Expect nothing out of this phone aside from its calling abilities and you’ll be happy. The biggest plus for me is the relatively long battery life. Too many companies advertise x number of days of battery life and deliver only like 3 on standby. Nearly a week’s battery life with low use is good enough for me.

So if you’re looking for a cheap (free) phone and only a phone, this is definitely worth a hard look.


  • Battery life
  • Pretty small
  • Intuitive usage
  • Good reception (mostly)
  • Free πŸ™‚


  • No functions other than calling really
  • Voice quality could be better
  • Small screen
  • Slippery


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