Nokia 2125i Review

I never found much use for a call phone in all of my high school years. While many people were already carrying around the little mobile devices around, I thought it too much of a burden. Did I really want to be within reach of others 24/7? Once you give someone your cell number, they expect to be able to contact you at every waking moment and sleeping moment for that matter.

But by the time university rolled around, I started realizing that all the times I wished I had a phone and didn’t was beginning to outweigh the potential annoyances of a cell phone. Plus, I kept getting these weird looks when I answered that I didn’t have a cell phone to people asking for my cell number. I did a lot of research and drooled over a lot of nice phones. I went through all those nice gadgets but realized I didn’t really need anything other than the phone itself. I have a digital camera and MP3 player which would blow away, in terms of quality, any of the integrated features of a cell phone. I thus settled on one of the phones I could get for free with only a 1 year term at Bell Mobility, the Nokia 2125i.

The Phone

The phone is a two-tone gray color scheme with chrome trim. It’s pretty understated and doesn’t look fancy or feel fancy. It’s the classic Nokia candybar phone but compacted a bit. It doesn’t feel big or awkward to hold at all. It’s a little slippery feeling though. The screen is also pretty anemic in size, but that’s probably more to do with the overall size of the phone and the candybar design. It’s hard to place anything larger than the 96×96 resolution screen. That’s probably why many makers are moving to the slider and flip phones nowadays. The buttons have a hard-rubber feel to them as opposed to the plastic feel of many phones’ buttons. There is also no external antenna. The power button is at the top, which also houses the light bulb for the flashlight function. At the bottom, you’ll find the charger connector as well as a connector for connection external Nokia accessories.

User Interface

The user interface is governed by the small display. You won’t get a bunch of icons to move between. Instead the menu is navigated using the up and down button with each menu item taking up one ‘page’. You get your regular phone features like list of call, contact list, messages, gallery and organizational features like a calendar and alarm clock. Don’t get too excited; the very limited memory will limit what you can do.

Pressing the up button at the main screen sends you to the profile selection page where you can choose from several presets. You can modify those presets through the settings. Pressing the down button at the main screen shortcuts you to your contact list. All the main functions of the phone are easily accessible and should be fairly intuitive for most users.


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