I remember back a few years ago, a few friends and I thought it would be cool to be nocturnal for a few days. Of course, that was when we were in bed by 10:30 on weeknights. Now, without even trying, it seems like I’m slowly turning into a night creature. It’s almost 1:00AM here and I’m looking longingly at my bed from the computer chair. I can feel it; it’ll be a good sleep tonight. But not yet, I’ve still got things to do and stuff to worry about. I really don’t think it’s very healthy. =P

So about my day. Well after our morning performance, I didn’t go home. A bunch of us went to Victoria Park and had a good time under the blazing sun. It was one of the best days I’ve seen in a long while. The winters here really get to you. I managed to get a sunburn (mostly on my face) and multiple grass stains on my pants after rolling around a bit. After getting something to eat, I eventually found myself back at the Confederation Centre preparing for our first evening show. As predicted, it was an exciting show. Everything went extremely well except for the curtain calls. It started off fine, but after the first bounce we messed up the ending and the second time they bounced it, we were in a general state of confusion. It must have made for an entertaining scene for the audience. =D

Only one more show to go. I intend to get some work done tomorrow during the day since after the evening show, I’ll be out late at our first official musical party. It should be good times!


[edit]Oh it took me 11 minutes to write this post, hence my reference to the ‘it’s almost 1:00AM here’…


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