No Time to Explain!

I really don’t but I thought I’d post something just as a filler for today. I’ve been on quite a roll posting on consecutive days and I didn’t feel like letting it go just yet. I’ll tell you why I’m unable to ramble on and spend my time writing to my heart’s content.

I found SimCity 4.

Well, I won’t tell you exactly why I went looking for this game, but lets just say it took me a good hour and a half of straight looking through boxes in the basement until I found it. Yeah, that’s how badly I wanted to play this game. I’ve been playing it almost all day and the moment I finish writing I’m going to play more. It’s become an instant infatuation.

I actually never played this game properly before. I tried it once and found it too different from the other SimCities so I never dived into it further. It kinda got neglected for a year or so. Well, now that I have begun to learn more about it, I’m super surprised how indepth and fun it is. If you want to, you can make it very interesting, like creating greyscale heightmaps to customize the elevations of your city. Some simply editing of a bitmap changes the whole layout of a region. There’s also an extremely large community of players and modders who have added a lot to the game over the years. I’ve just gleaned a little off the top of the heap and already it’s looking like a massive database of buildings, cities, and mods. I’m quite excited to get into the midst of it.

So off I go here to play SimCity. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll tell you a bit more about how I happened on the game and why it has engulfed me to this extent. I hope my clanmates in UT don’t need me for anything. I only played like 20 minutes of it today, just to make a showing. 😉


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  1. Sim City is a fun game, but I have always found it a tad complicated. I can never work out how to get the power lines set up, and all the intricate details that are essential to a city’s well-being. The water lines always especially pissed me off 😀 It has been a couple of years since I played though, so maybe with my increased cranial capacity, I would be able to figure it out. Oh well.

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