No PDEng?!

Well, it’s partially true. Since my computer is constantly at risk of spontaneously combusting, I decided not to save my PDEng assignment this week for tonight, the last night to complete it. As a result, I have no PDEng to do. It feels quite relaxing. In fact I’ve been catching up on some TV shows I missed last week like The Office and I’ll probably watch the season premier of Smallville tomorrow.

So despite my best efforts, my order for the computer parts still got royally messed up so I ended up having to cancel and re-order. Thankfully, they’ve assured us that they have enough supply of the video card. So even though I’m back a ways in the queue, I shouldn’t have any problem getting it. However due to the mixup and subsequent delay, it’ll be hard pressed for the shipping company to get all the parts to me by this weekend. That also means I can’t send out this messed up stick of RAM as soon as I would’ve liked since I need some sort of computer, even if it is crashing every so often.

Speaking of shipping stuff, I sent a faulty motherboard to the repair facility down in the States three weeks about three weeks ago. Canada Post told me that it should take 8 days and gave me the tracking number. Ends up, neither the time estimation or the tracking number did any good. According to the tracking page, the package is still in Mississauga (wooooo, a trip that should take an hour by car took them… 3 weeks?!) and it’s been 3 weeks since I sent it. I decided to give Canada Post the good ol’ telephone call today to inquire and all I got as a result was “it should get there soon”. No matter how hard I pressed the guy and complained about the lack of updates on the tracking site or the 3 week transit time, I got the same answer back. Oh well. My guess is, the guy had no idea what was going on with the package. “It should get there soon” means I’ll wait a little longer and if it still doesn’t get there, I’ll call back and hopefully not get him. Someone else can deal with me then. 😛

Yep, so the 8 and a half hour sleep last night (longest weeknight sleep I’ve had in who knows how long) was amazing so I think I’m going to do it again tonight.


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  1. If you write Canada Post a letter, or call the customer service line and ask to speak with a manager/supervisor, and complain to them (in a nice way of course), then they’ll bend over backwards for you.

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