No Day Like a Holiday

It’s almost Easter Weekend and I’m awfully excited to go home for a long weekend. I leave tomorrow at 4:30PM but don’t actually arrive until past 7:30PM. So what should be only an hour and a half drive ends up taking twice as long. I guess it’s around rush hour and I think this bus winds its way through half of southern Ontario. πŸ˜› It’ll have been three weeks since I’ve been back home, a long cry from some of you I know, but I’m used to going home almost weekly. I need my big bed and good food! πŸ™‚

Work was terribly boring today. I knew it wasn’t going to be a good day the instant I started feeling tired… at 9:00am. Usually I don’t start feeling myself drift off into a semi-conscious state until well past lunchtime. Today was way early and it meant that I had to take constant walks to the water cooler and subsequently the bathroom. That sort of kept me alive. Oh, we got a ping pong table at work. That’s awfully distracting. I’m a pretty big fan of table tennis so I’ve been playing whenever I get the chance. I also discovered that we have a lounge sort of thing upstairs (which I didn’t even know existed) with a TV and a Xbox. When a few people first started talking about this ‘lounge’ I didn’t believe them. I thought they were just playing with me when they said there was an Xbox up there. I didn’t even know our office had more than one floor. But when the president sent an office-wide email mentioning it, I sort of started questioning myself. So one morning, I went on a search around the office for this elusive staircase to the lounge. Well, I found it on the other side of the building. You see our office is sort of divided up into two sides by the bathrooms and meeting rooms. Our side holds the technical portion of the company, so development, QA, and research while the other side holds the business people, the sales, marketing, HR and so forth. I rarely venture over there, unless it’s to talk to a certain person. It’s like the wild jungle. You just don’t go over there unless you’ve got a reason. So as usual, I got my ass handed to me in Halo 2. I’m just awful at those console games. My thumbs never want to cooperate; I find myself looking at the sky or the floor throughout many of the firefights. It they would only get some UT2003/4 action going…
The work term is really winding down now. In reality, I think I’ve only got about another week left of work since I’m leaving a bit early. As of yet, I still haven’t told anyone this and I’m thinking that maybe I should. The problem is my supervisor’s been gone and her boss just left last week, so I’m in a sort of predicament here. My supervisor’ll be back after the Easter break so I’ll definitely break the news then. Hopefully nothing horrendous will occur.

I watched Lost tonight. I’m really liking some of these shows on TV now. (I gave my friend a 120GB external hard drive to take home and fill with TV shows. That should be good. I’m getting all of 24, Lost, and House at the very least.) The preview to next week’s episode looks awesome. Some *feces* are going to hit the fan. πŸ™‚


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  1. I agree Charlie…I actually enjoy quite a few of those shows…specifically Lost and House. Never seen 24.

    And I am also quite useless with console controllers. I’m so used to the preciseness of a mouse for aiming that I find myself spraying and praying half the time. Now if they ported the mouse and keyboard over to the X360…

  2. Reese, I’m sure you’ll have plenty of time to catch up on them when you get back here and realize how boring Charlottetown is compared to Australia. πŸ˜‰

    Will, I think they’ve already done that. Since the XBox 360 has USB ports, I’m pretty sure you can plug in keyboard/mice and use them. Well, assuming that the game you’re playing supports them.

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