Nikon D5000 Rumours Abound

Nikon is holding a press event tomorrow, April 14 for what many predict will be the unveiling of the D5000, or whatever name Nikon decides to use for a D40/60 update. Leaked photos early last week of what appeared to be the shooting of a Nikon commercial, showed a small DSLR with a swivel display, and fueled speculation of a low-end DSLR announcement tomorrow. Then, today, an online store in Japan posted some specifications and a stock photo of a D5000. My initial reaction was that something was amiss with the image of the camera – the proportions were either funky or this thing has a giant viewfinder.

Nikon D5000?

After some re-proportioning in Photoshop, I ended up with this:

Nikon D5000 size comparison
Left to right: Nikon D90, D5000(?), D40

As you can see, the original image was indeed quite stretched, vertically. Still, even after using the lens mount as the frame of reference, the new D5000 looks to be a bit taller than the D40. That’s boding well for a larger viewfinder, but poorly for people who wanted a small DSLR. In fact, it’s nearly as large as a D90 now.

Preliminary specifications listed on the Japanese site seem to indicate:

  • 11-point AF (multi-CAM 1000 module as with the D90?)
  • D-movie
  • 2.7″ swivel LCD
  • ISO 3200 support

No word on megapixel count yet, but I’d expect a similar sensor to the D90. Overall, it’s looking like a significantly improved low-end DSLR from Nikon. The Japanese site lists the camera at 84,800 Yen, or approximately $840USD, but I’m going to gander that it’ll actually come in at $699 to $749 body-only, similar to the Olympus E-620 that was launched recently. The two are quite competitive, at least specifications-wise, with the D5000 having a movie mode, if the initial specs are the be believed.


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