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Two topics from our great neighbor to the south.

Lawmakers blast Internet firms over China

Well they’re at it again, telling people how to live their lives. While the cause they’re standing up for is commendable, they’re once more meddling in the affairs of a foreign country. I mean sure, run your country as you like, but I’ve said it and I’ll say it again: Stay out of other peoples’ business. As if those politicians really give a crap about the living conditions in China. If they were so worried, they’d personally deliver supplies and money to the poor. But instead, the US is busy purchasing from the big manufacturers and running up a huge debt. At this point, China has become so powerful and an integral part of the US economy that it would be suicide to actually so anything directly. But they can’t be seen as impotent. Instead of picking on the real problem, China’s human rights issues, they go after the little guys, the companies that are providing services, abiding by foreign laws and making money. After all, that is what capitalism is and it’s what America’s been after for the past I-don’t-know-how-many-years.

The US government is once again overstepping its bounds and trying to enforce its rules on others. Not only that, it’s too afraid to do it directly. Instead they punish honest (mostly) American businesses. Can’t be good for confidence now can it?

Iraqi government denounces Abu Ghraib abuse

As if any more fuel needed to be added to the insurgency fire in Iraq. I guess these are never-before-seen videos and photos. (sounds like the extra features of a DVD or something) Not that any of them need any viewing; the acts recorded are absolutely digusting. Seems like the American administration isn’t overjoyed by these developments either. And it 100% underlines the fact their hypocrisy. When images of the Prophet Mohammed are published it’s called “Freedom of Speech”. When images showing torture/humiliation acts are published, it’s called “irresponsible” and “unnecessarily provocative” by a spokesman for the US-led coalition. So what’s the difference really? Do people not have the right to see these images? Is the US afraid that this could further inflame tensions that are already ridiculously high from the cartoons? This is probably the last thing they need. But it’s Freedom of Speech and I demand my rights.


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