Newfound Enthusiasm

Almost immediately after completing the theme you see adorning the site currently, I started a new design for WordPress in Photoshop. All my previous designs were hand-drawn, then hacked into XHTML + CSS. This time around, I decided to do the mock-up in Photoshop and perhaps save myself some time and effort. That was almost 3 months ago.

I was working hard at it and making good progress until about a month ago. At that time, I’d done up most of the foundation for the site and needed to delve into the polishing – writing elements styling, little minute details, and so on. I predicted that I would finish the new design within a month. Maybe it was the thought of writing up CSS for every blockquote, list, link, and header that really put a damper on things. Or perhaps it was that I wasn’t completely satisfied with the design. I didn’t want to make something that I wasn’t completely happy with.

This past week, I regained some passion for the project again. I threw out a bunch of elements of the design and hacked away again in Photoshop. I believe I have come up with something I’m happy with. That’s not to say, I’ve come across my final design – I’m sure as I code it, I’ll think of new ideas or areas to improve. In the meantime, I really want to do some work on the current design. The instant the design was completed in XHTML + CSS, I realized I wasn’t pleased with some parts, specifically the header area and the sidebar. That’s the problem when all you’ve got is a crappy hand drawing I guess. I plan on ameliorating some of those concerns this weekend. It’s also about time I put more focus on the navigation bar at the top (I bet maybe 5 people, ever, have noticed that it exists) and implement the About and Contact pages. I’m also going to promote the feed in a more prominent location. I just put my feed through Feedburner this past week and I couldn’t believe I somehow have 20+ subscribers with that feed link hidden away below the fold…

Well, the important thing at this stage is that I’m once more interested in the work and am ready to dig down into it again.


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