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So since probably two years aog, I’ve been listening to much of the same music. I’ve got about 6 gigabyte’s worth of music (which really isn’t all that much considering how into music I am) and I probably listen to half of that. My regular listening has been composed of Coldplay, John Mayer, Radiohead, Hans Zimmer, various other soundtracks, and jazz. Now I haven’t moved out of this pattern in a long time. Everytime I decide to get some new songs, I’ve discovered some not oft played one that I already have and I sit down to listen to that. So truthfully, I haven’t deviated for a long time. My tastes seem to have become pretty stagnant.

Well, I finally broke the mold a couple days ago. I downloaded (legitimately mind you, the illegal days are behind me now… 😐 ) a few Frank Sinatra albums as well as some stuff by a guy named Vangelis. Frank Sinatra I’d trust you all to know, however this Vangelis was a new name to me. To be honest I’m not sure how I came upon his stuff. I sure as well wasn’t looking for him specifically. I was just looking for some soundtracks (I am a sucker for glorious music like the Planets, the Gladiator and Last Samurai soundtrack, etc) and I stumbled upon Vangelis. He, like Hans Zimmer of whom I’m a big fan, is a big soundtrack composer as well. I chanced upon his work on the movie Alexander and I thoroughly enjoyed some of the themes I heard. I’m still looking at what else he has to offer, but his works seem quite numerous so I’m sure I’ll find something.

So, my question goes out to you guys. What are you listening to right now? Anyone know of any good soundtracks especially? Even though you’d think soundtracks would just be boring background music, the music really does make the movie in a sense and good movies thus should equal good music. (Gladiator and Last Samurai are prime examples) So yeah, point me in the direction of some good music. And uh, no, Britney Spears is not what I consider good music. That is all.


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  1. Ouch, that last comment hurt me. And I’m going off to bed right now but tomorrow at work I’ll scour my brain for good stuff. Although off the top of my head “Amelie” is an impeccable soundtrack which you should check out.

  2. Hey Charlie! I came across your blog from the links sara had on her blog. anywayyy check out The Patiot soundtrack – its awesome, I listen to it all the time.

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