New House

In a previous posting I had said that we bought a new house in Niagara Falls, well here’s a little update. I’ve got some pictures of it and so far it looks pretty good. Here’s a photo of the house in general:

There’s some weird design things with it like the inclusion of a sort of balcony that is adjoined to my room and overlooks the entrance hallway. I may put a chair and small table up there so I can do some late night reading and surf the internet on my future laptop or something. It’s weird but could potentially be pretty cool:

However one of the things I like most about this house is that balcony that overlooks the great room. That room gets a double high ceiling that will make it feel roomier.

As you can see the house isn’t yet completely built so there could be some changes. Overall it seems pretty nice and I look forward to seeing it in person. Hopefully the neighborhood’s okay as well.



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