New Host… Again

I’m writing this as the DNS is still propagating for the new web host. After a little over 2 months with Servage, I’ve moved my main site to Downtown Host. That’s not to say I was unhappy with Servage. Despite some of the bad things I heard about them (after I signed up) they were pretty reliable. The main reason I switched from them was due in part to my ignorance. Their servers are based in Europe and most of the readers of this blog are in North America. I’d say it only makes logical sense to get a webhost also based in North America. I’m paying slightly more but I’m getting better performance and so far, none of those random SQL connection errors (apparently due to too many simultaneous connections) I’d get over at Servage.

Hopefully you’ll notice the performance improvements that I’ve seen since moving to the new host. Now it’s time I go to the midnight showing of 300. So pumped.


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