New CBC Site Layout

The good ol’ CBC website that I visit regularly for news has undergone a total revamp. I first noticed something was afoot when the oft-visited weather section of the site got a new design. Now the design has spilled over to the rest of the site and I have to say it looks quite nice. One of the biggest challenges faced by any of these information heavy news sites is the presentation of the content. There’s a lot of information to be displayed and many times, it becomes info-overload. I think the new design does a pretty good job of displaying (graphically as well) the most important pieces of news towards the top of the page and the rest is nicely sectionalized further down at the bottom. It’s a big improvement over the previous site design and shoots it above sites like in terms of usability, in my opinion.

Just thought I’d share. Go check it out. šŸ™‚


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