Musical Parties = . . .

Awesome. Plain and simply, that was one of the best nights I’ve had in a long time. The atmostphere was unbelievable. We’re all so bonded together now and we’ve gone through the same things. It’s an extremely tight group. We listened to portions of our show tonight and sang along. I also played some piano parts from the show and had a great time yelling at the top of my lungs along with everyone else. I’m sure I’ll regret that tomorrow. I think my voice is giving out.

On the flip side, it’s also pretty sad that it’s all over. We’ve been told that we’ve been sort of addicted to working together and being together almost constantly that when it’s all over suddenly, it’s going to feel very weird. I can already sense that as I look to ths next week when we’ll be back at boring old school with no musical to look forward to. It’s funny how we miss the things we sometimes hate. I remember sitting at musical rehearsals in the cafeteria wondering why the hell I was there for. This is just the beginning of my high school wind-down.

So off I go to bed here. It’s 3:31AM and my eyes feel like I’ve dumped a bucket of sand in them. I can hardly keep them open wide enough to see what I’m writing here. [sarcasm]I can hardly wait to do a week’s worth of schoolwork tomorrow[/sarcasm]. I think I’m going to cry just thinking about it. Ugh…

Oh and someone took my dress shoes after the show today. They must have just grabbed a pair out of the dressing room without really looking as there was a pair left there that kind of looked like mine. I took them so once I find out who’s they are, we’ll do a little swap.



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