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A Small Lawsuit

Well, the inevitable seems to have happened. About a month after the US pressured Russia to shut down, the other shoe fell as the RIAA launched a trillion-dollar-plus lawsuit against the music downloading service. Over the 5 month period from June to October, AllofMP3 apparently served up more than 11 million downloads. And with the RIAA able to sue for up to $150K in damages per song, that’s a whopping $1.65 trillion. To put that in perspective, Russia’s annual GDP was a mere $1.5 trillion or so last year.

The lawsuit was filed in New York, United States of America, which hardly has any legal jurisdiction over any Russian corporation. Nonetheless, the intent is there and obviously the RIAA’s trying to make some noise. I’m not too sure how well that noise will travel over the Atlantic…

Apple’s ‘iPhone’ Will Fail?

Well, the fact that the ‘iPhone’ is trademarked by Linksys, a subsidiary of Cisco, doesn’t bode too well for an Apple iPhone, the idea is still fairly sound. A music player first and a phone second. Perhaps it’s the changing of mentality that Apple’s trying to capitalize on. Instead of everything converging to the mobile phone, the mobile phone can be integrated with other electronics. If nothing else, you can almost be assured that it will have good industrial design and a nice, easy to use interface.

However, according to this article from the Register, that will be the cause of failure. The Apple device will probably do nothing new. Well, I’ll cooly point to the iPod. Compared to competing devices, it also does nothing new. The main differentiators, industrial design, user interface and that Apple logo will surely adorn any Apple phone. And if the iPod’s any indication, it will sell and sell well. No need to beat other devices over the head with functionality when you’ve got the Apple logo backing you up.


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  1. The iPhone is going to be amazing. And you won’t be able to deny it. I look forward to owning one in the future. As for RIAA. I used to be really into that whole thing, but now I don’t perticularily care. The RIAA can go shove it. They have no jursidiction in any other country and the fact that they’re trying to get US laws to have some kind of meaning on foreign soil speaks volumes about their logic and maturity.

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