Most Entertaining Bus Ride Evar

So that was probably the most interesting bus ride I’ve been on yet. First off, I actually used this laptop probably to its fullest extent. I went hotspot hopping in St. Catherines and Hamilton. Unfortunately, it was only the couple minutes at the Hamilton terminal that I was actually able to shoot that previous short message off… To show the total awesomeness of wireless technology. I’ll definitely be looking forward to WiMAX when we can have city wide coverage instead of like 100 foot wide coverage. It’s pretty bad to be driving and trying to connect. By the time you’ve connected, you’ve just about left the wireless radius of the hotspot. Kind of annoying.

Anyways, I wrote up the Vista ‘review’ (I don’t want to call it that really since I didn’t really evaluate it to its fullest extent.) which you can now find here. It required some effort to keep both notebooks (har har) in place so I could easily copy off the hand written one onto the electronic one. I also wrote up a couple short articles about some of the pieces of software I’ve come across and/or used in the process of creating this site. There’s plenty more that I’ve used so I’ll add to it as I get a chance.
So the bus driver we had was new to the route. He hadn’t driven it in a LONG time. So while I’m happily typing away, he’s somewhat lost around the Waterloo region here. I look up after finishing that Vista review to see a sign that said Ainslie something-or-other. Now I know Ainslie street in in Cambridge, but the bus isn’t supposed to go there. So I think to myself… wtf? Apparently he left the 401 to the wrong direction and ended up in Cambridge instead of Kitchener. So it took us like and extra 20 minutes to make it to the Kitchener terminal. Then he didn’t know how to get to the university here, so he was on the phone with Coach Canada and taking directions from the passengers. Good to know I’m in good hands eh? Anyways, I make it back to the university about half an hour late. At this point my mom had already called my room twice, getting more freaked out each time cause I’m not there yet.

Enter cell phone.

It’s pretty sad when I use what is essentially an emergency phone the first time I’m away from home since getting it. But then again, it calmed the parents down and I found that it’s actually pretty intuitive to use. Practical experience is infinitely better than reading some user manual, no matter how well it’s written.

Off to bed.

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  1. That’s my bad. I was editing the content organization last night and it got a bit lost in the shuffle. Fixed now though. Sorry Rene. 😛

  2. Just read the review.
    Oh man, I’m so sorry you had to go through that. On the other hand, I can’t help but smile. Leopard is going to leave Vista in the dust. If it’s as bad as you say, they’ll have a hella good time trying to get people to switch from their pretty decent WinXP boxes (yes, I’ll admit XP is pretty good for a Windows OS).

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