Morning Tech Reading Mar 21

I’m perusing through my commonly-read sites again this morning and I thought it’d be nice to share a few of the tech articles of interest to me.

Microsoft Working on Mobile Gaming, According to Report

I think back earlier in the year when Microsoft spoke of a multimedia product to be released later this year, people were excited about a ‘PSP Killer’ or an ‘iPod Killer’. What came out of IDF and CeBIT was something just short of very disappointing for those people, the UMPC, or Origami as Microsoft would like to call it. Perhaps that wasn’t their intro into the mobile multimedia world. Who knows?

Intel, Micron Tech to Build New Plant

These are two big semiconductor companies which have paired off to create a flash memory alliance. Intel has been in the business of making CPUs and chipsets for a long while now and has been dabbling in NOR flash memory without too much success. With the recent change to put everything into flash memory (think iPod Nano, which is sucking up a huge amount of the world’s total flash memory capacity or higher resolution digital cameras) there’s definitely a lot of demand for solid state storage. To challenge the big players in the field, those being Samsung and Toshiba, Intel and Micron joined up late last year and announced a new manufacturing plant to pump out the devices even faster.

On the same note, Samsung, the world’s biggest supplier of flash memory has introduced a 32GB flash memory hard drive. Currently, it’s designed for mobile (laptop) use. The specs are quite impressive, but it’ll set you back a whole wad of moola. They showed a flash memory based laptop at CeBIT with, I’m guessing this exact model of flash drive.
Samsung intros solid state notebook drive

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