More Snow Days

Apparently it’s quite unheard of in these parts to get multiple snow days each year. If I recall correctly, snow days were pretty common back on PEI. The average winter didn’t go by without anywhere from 5 to 10 snow days. I even remember one year we had so many cancellations there was talk of extending the school year into the summer. I’m sure glad that never happened.

Right, well, we had another day and a half of cancellations. On Thursday the university closed at 3:30pm and remained closed for Friday. I of course took this opportunity to (no, not do work) watch Heroes. I blasted through all 17 episodes in three days. Now that that’s done and over with, it’s time to concentrate on school work. I have another macroeconomics midterm this coming Tuesday. Aside from that though, it really hasn’t been a busy weekend. The next calculus assignment hasn’t been posted; it’s usually posted on Friday, so I’m not sure what the holdup is this week.

On the job front, the co-op rankings opened today and it looks like I’ll be spending a little more time in Waterloo. Although I was ranked by all but one of my interviewers, only 1 offered me a job, Sybase (meaning a rank of 1). The job actually seems like a good one; I’ll be learning a lot about databases and programming in C/C++ or Java. Unfortunately it is in Waterloo. I was sort of hoping to get out of this place. All these semesters of university here is enough as it is.

At least finding a place to live in the summer shouldn’t be too difficult.


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  1. Lucky!!! I can’t believe you’ve had so many cancellations…..we haven’t had any :O Let me know when you’ve gotten my package:D



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